Have more clients saying YES! with these 5 steps

5-steps-to-yesGaining the commitment of a potential client can quickly fall apart if you’re not prepared.

Just being good at what you do is not enough to sell someone on hiring you.

It takes a few key things to bring about this commitment and have your dream clients saying YES!!!

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There are 5 main areas you need to include in your enrollment process to gain a commitment from your ideal client.

#1 Activate the Gap.

Activate the current difficulty/challenge/area that the client needs solved/wants to change.

What’s the reason they came to you in the first place?

#2 Your core message.

Energetically and authentically communicate with and guide your client through this pain to the pleasure that will be provided by working with you.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do.

“I work with these kinds of clients who have these kind of challenges…”

#3 Your Unique Signature System.

Have a system.

System stands for (S)aving (Y)ou (S)erious (T)ime (E)nergy and (M)oney.

With a system clients immediately get what you do and see how you can help them get what they want.

A system makes it much quicker and easier for people to solve their problem, especially when compared to trying to figure out on their own what to do first, second, etc.

#4 Your packages.

Have options for your potential client to choose from rather than only one way to work with you.

Steer clear of too many options however.

A confused mind does not buy.

You simply want to have options to meet them at whatever level of support you feel they need at this time.

AND finally #5 Your Core Beliefs about Selling

Be able to guide your client through their own decision-making process that has them connecting with their own inner guidance, and not just their intellect, when making a decision.

They need to get in tune with their hearts and their minds for this decision.

Buying and selling is an emotional human experience.

Allow yourself to connect with the other person from your heart and really feel what they need, then you’re simply a guide leading them there.

My UBER favorite belief is that: Selling is not something I do TO a person, it is something I do FOR them.

In a Nutshell:

You need to:

Give the client steps to follow that will take their initial experience with you into a deeper place, and help them connect, on their own, to what and how your service will truly and specifically help them.

This is a very different energy from manipulating, forcing, pushing, or trying to convince someone.

This is selling from the heart!

Need help selling your transformation?

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Want new clients? Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” + Free Mini Script


Building a coaching or mentoring business of any kind is usually time intensive, especially in the beginning when you’re just getting your sea legs.

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It’s common for a new coach, mentor or teacher of the soul-o-preneur persuasion to focus on building a whole website, finding the perfect logo, getting business cards, trying to choose the best tagline, figuring out what they’ll name their website, setting up all their social media platforms, getting stuck in shiny object syndrome…. blah, blah, blah…

It’s like having online diarrhea… It can be exhausting and overwhelming, not to mention the process of trying to figure out your niche.

Don’t get me wrong… attracting new clients does start by building a solid foundation for your business so you must be clear on who you work with, what you do, and how you’ll help them.

BUT you shouldn’t be held up from getting new clients by trying to pick a niche forever more.

If you’re still stuck on who you work with, I always say “Date a Niche.”

Take one group of people that you think you could help with your expertise right now and date that niche for 30 to 60 days… get a feel for them. 

Pick one problem they might be having and be the go to for them for that short amount of time. 

Make a game of it if you like. 

Dating can be fun.

And having fun is certainly the way to draw more of the right people to you.

You’ll gain more experience, practice working with more clients (and get paid for it) and you’ll be clearer about who you’d likely want to work with in the future.

I know, I know, you’re like “but JeeJee where do I find this dating pool of clients?

Ah yes, let’s talk Low-Hanging Fruit, shall we…

Think of a huge, well-grown tree, abundantly filled with delicious fruit. 

The Low Hanging Fruit are much heavier, and hang lower than the other fruit. 

They’re ripe and ready for picking. 

These are the people you should focus on first!

Not the higher fruit, they ain’t ready and they’re a struggle to reach.

Make sense?

Low hanging fruit are the people who know, like and trust us already.

They could be people you’ve had a discovery session with in the past who were a total fit but for whatever reason they didn’t get started.

They could be people who’ve showed up to your teleseminar or webinar or live workshop but never converted.

They could be the subscribers already on your email list.

They could be people who purchased your products before.

They could be past or current clients.

They could be people who belong to the same groups as you do. i.e., Facebook Groups, Meetups, Book Clubs, etc.

They could be people you meet at networking meetings.

Hell, you could even meet them in line getting a smoothie.

And there’s ALWAYS O.P.A.’s (Other People’s Audiences).

Point is, ideal clients are EVERYWHERE and they’re likely in your world already.

Too many people stay on the prowl for clients, like they’re something you’re going to beat over the head and take home and eat.

But there are people right in front of you that you can serve now. 

So now that you know where to find your low-hanging fruit, what might you say to them to get the ball rolling?

If you want to ask for a date, how might you ask for it?

Your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day,” will not frickin’ work!

Here’s a quick mini-script you could use in an email or over the phone. 

Take and Tweak!


Subject: Thought of you…

Hi [name] – How are you? Hope all is well!

I wanted to reach out to you personally because I’ve got something to share that I think you might be interested in.

I’m really excited about this.

I’ve created a brand new way to work with my clients so that they can… [insert results of your program].  

The best part is, working like this creates movement forward very quickly!

When I designed this special program, I had you in mind.  

Simply drop me a line if you’d like to hear more!

I’d love to share this with you.

All the best, [Your Name]


And press send!!

Now if you’re thinking oh crap, “I don’t have a program” here’s a quick post to help you create one.  

Your call to action:

Grab that tree by the low hanging fruit and take action!

Pick a few of the low-hanging fruit from this article (a few only!) that look the juiciest and most yummy and reach out!

If you need my help holla at me.

Are You Marketing Like Crazy or Creating “Marketing That Moves?”


I hear it all the time: “JeeJee, I’m blogging, Facebook-ing, Tweetin’ it up, Linkin’ it In, Instagram-ing, and whatever else is new, I’m putting myself out there… and I’m still not gettin’ any clients.

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It’s a pain in the butt, I know. It’s a frustrating place to be. But here’s the secret…

See, the question isn’t “Are you marketing?”…

The question is, when you are marketing… Are you creating marketing that moves?” Are you creating marketing that moves the emotion, or the “buying brain” of high-paying clients? Basically, does your marketing matter?

Because it doesn’t matter how much you put yourself out there, you can market till the cows come home, but if you’re NOT getting the clients you want, chances are you’re wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t move your clients and isn’t impacting their buying decisions.

Let’s go back to Client Basics 101…

What do clients really want?

Your clients are looking for your help to solve their most pressing problem(s). What’s not working for them inside of their relationships or lack there of? What’s not working for them with their health? What’s not working for them at work? What are they tired of dealing with or wish was different?

While having a presence and putting yourself out there is important, the secret question your clients want answered – the one they don’t even realize they’re thinking about – is this: Can this person really help me get what I want?

So the question you should be asking yourself right now is…

Does MY marketing answer that all important question?

Let’s take a deeper look at where you stand on this. Here’s a quick checklist of 4 marketing basics that move high-paying clients into action to work with or buy from you.

1. Marketing copy that generously speaks to problems, benefits & results.

If you want to attract the right clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client as I like to call them), you must meet them where their minds are at. You must learn to think like your client and language that in your marketing. And where are their minds at you ask? It’s on the stuff that’s keeping them up at 3am.

Let’s say you’re a coach who helps your clients find love and get married. You’d want to focus on the pains, problems, challenges, desires and dreams of people that want to get married, right? And hypothetically if you followed that person around all day do you think you could ascertain what they were going through in their day to day life. Yes? Yes.

Make sure your marketing speaks to exactly that!

2. Your Signature System.

Your clients want to know that you can help them. They want to see that you’ve got a recipe they can follow, and packaging up what you do into a clear step-by-step system instantly conveys that YOU have the recipe to help take them from where they are to where they want to be in the simplest way possible.

Even Aquafina, a popular brand of purified drinking water has a system. When you’re choosing bottled water there are numerous possibilities for what brand you could drink. None of them seem especially different. You think, “How’s Aquafina different from Dasani or Evian?” “Which one is actually better, it’s just water?”

Now I’m not choosing one over the other, and I drink them all from time to time, but Aquafina’s label says that it originates from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous, seven-step process called HydRO-7.” Now that does sound important and it does sound like they’ve got a whole lot of the yuck out of that water, right?

Sounds pretty credible to me that I’m drinking some pretty clean water (or at least they’re really making me believe the hype)! It costs a little more at the store but there’s seemingly a “higher quality” to this water. Would that make a difference to a shoppers buying decision… certainly.

And it makes a difference to your client. A system says “we’ve done the work for you, figured things out a bit and we want to make this recipe as easy as possible for you to follow so you can get what you want.”

3. Your expertise.

Clients who are willing to pay higher fees want you to BE the expert (the guide), not a buddy or a peer. You ARE the expert. Are you discounting yourself or are you claiming it?

You might be saying “But JeeJee, who am I to be the expert, I don’t know enough or I don’t have enough experience or I don’t think I’m ready yet.” It’s a very common thing to hear and it is of paramount importance that you get past that as soon as you can because you’ll hold yourself back for months and years if you hold on to it.

When my clients start working with me I immediately help them get past discounting themselves. We unearth the wisdom, accomplishments, knowledge and experience that make them and their work credible and valuable to their clients. If you don’t know your own value, your marketing will reflect it and potential clients will sense it.

4. Give em’ the goods. Be consistent and follow-up with valuable free content that demonstrates your expertise.

If you want clients and you want to fill your programs there needs to be some form of consistent follow-up, like regular newsletters or blog posts people actually want to read. These are stay-in-touch strategies.

Why is this SO important?

First off you’re building a relationship with potential clients by staying in touch. They see that you’re there regularly, tuned into their needs and that you want to help them. And second, your clients are asking themselves things like “can I really trust this person?” and “can they really help me?” and “are they legit?” Staying in touch eases the fears rollin’ around in their monkey mind about getting help from you.

At least do something regularly to stay in touch. Maybe publish a newsletter regularly or send an email pointing them to a new blog post you created each week. The payoff is priceless.

And remember, when you get caught up in all your fears about whether you’re doing this marketing thing right or whether you’re good enough to be the expert, stop thinking about yourself and recognize that you’re in business to help your clients. What you do could change their life!!! Don’t ever forget that! And you can’t help them until they say YES! And they won’t say YES until they know you can help them, ok?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it today is Stop wasting time worrying about marketing like crazy and create marketing that moves with the 4 basics above – your clients are waiting for you to take their hand and help them get what they want… and will they pay top dollar for that? Yes! So get on with it!

If you’re ready to create “marketing that moves” so you can attract Mr. or Ms. Right Clients, but you’re not sure how, or it just seems ridiculously overwhelming, click here to claim your 1 on 1 Marketing Soul Power Sesh with me right now!!

Create Irresistible Offers by Knowing the “Secret Psychology” of Potential Clients


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What is the “Secret Psychology” of Potential Clients?

What is it that your potential clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client) REALLY want and how can you create offers that are irresistible to them?

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To really know what they want you must uncover their biggest challenges, stuck points, pain in the ass problems, juicy dreams & deepest desires.

Let’s look at Relationship & Sexuality Coaching ClientsWhat do they REALLY want?

  • To feel a deeper connection to their partner
  • To satisfy their partner in bed
  • To repair or resolve a potential break-up
  • To get their ex back
  • To be multi-orgasmic
  • To feel attractive
  • To feel “wanted” by their partner
  • To find the right partner
  • To last longer in bed
  • To learn how to keep a partner
  • To get married
  • To heal after an affair and move forward 
  • To learn how to date successfully
  • To make a boring sex life fresh again

Many coaches make the mistake of focusing on what they think clients need and don’t look at what the client truly wants (or at least what the client “thinks” they want).

Even though you think they need to love themselves more, or work on their self esteem, or have some spiritual practices (even though you may totally be right), the client is looking for the result.

We have to meet Mr. or Ms. Right Client where their minds are at.

The great thing is that while you help them get what they think they want (to get their ex back, to find the right partner, to be great in bed, etc.., along the way they always get what they really need (to love themselves, etc.)

Let’s look at an example.

Clients “should want” to have unconditional love in their relationships.

Most people would agree that this would be a very good thing, but this isn’t at the forefront of their minds as something they’re “hungry for.”

What they may be hungry for is having things go back to the way they were in the beginning of their relationship.

They want to fall in love all over again.

They want their relationship to feel fresh, hot and new.

What they “need” may be to love themselves and each other unconditionally, look for the best in each other and not try to change each other.

But, that’s not what they’re gonna buy.

That’s not what’s going to sell.

Those may be the “tools,” but they’re not the results they want.

Truth is, the only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel good in the having of it.

So what clients are looking for is the feelings and the situations that seem like they’ll create them. 

That’s what you want to offer them.

For example: A woman might want to feel “secure” and loved in her relationship. So you may teach: “How to inspire your man’s total devotion to you” to help women connect with their man deeply and emotionally.

Example: A man might want to feel “confident” pleasing his woman in bed. So you may teach: “The secrets to blowing your woman’s mind in bed” to help men understand what their woman really wants and to feel confident satisfying them every time.

Now you try one. Say you’re a “Get Hitched” (Marriage) Coach.

What are the pains, problems, challenges, desires and dreams of people that want to get married? Fill in the blanks…

Bottom line: If you meet them where their minds are, you’ll be able to make irresistible offers that have Mr. or Ms. Right Client eager to invest in your services.

Your call to action: Make a list of your potential clients’ biggest challenges, stuck points, pain in the ass problems, juicy dreams & deepest desires. And then use those words whenever you write or speak. 

Have you created your Avatar?



Before “Avatar” was a movie it was a way for entrepreneurs to hone in on who their ideal clients were.

I like to refer to these dream clients as “Soul Clients,” and better yet, your “Mr. or Ms. Right Client.”

Fact is if you’re trying to market to everyone you dilute your marketing message and no one really hears it.

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See, the more you define your avatar the more targeted your marketing efforts will be and you’ll generate better results.

For example, one of my coaching clients has a relationship coaching business that mainly serves stay at home moms.

Her avatar is female, age 41, Lauren is her name, she has two kids twelve and fifteen, her husband works long hours so she can stay at home, she feels responsible for keeping the home in order, and the family fed.

To her, she comes last and deep down inside she wants the communication, close intimacy and powerful lovemaking she experienced before having kids and more important than that she wants the confidence, sexiness and vibrancy she once had.

Now, imagine if you knew YOUR avatar that well.

Would that make your marketing easier?

Of course, because now you would know where Lauren probably hangs out, what she’s likely to read, where she might be shopping, and how she talks – her language.

In your mind, if you followed a stay at home mom around all day I’m certain you could ascertain what her life was like.

Could you imagine in your mind again, following around your ideal client all day?

Do you think you could figure out what their life was like?

Certainly you could and if you couldn’t it just means you need to do a little more research.

Now imagine if you positioned yourself as the expert in coaching/training/mentoring the Lauren’s in your area and beyond.

How much easier and effective would your marketing be?

I think we both know the answer here. Find some time to get in tune with who you’re ideal client is, you’ll thank yourself later.

 And I’ve actually created something to help you shortcut the process.

I just launched my new facebook group “Monetize Your Message: P.rofitable D.isplays of A.ffection.“ 

For joining my free VIP group you’ll receive not one but two gifts!

There’s a free 12 minute visualization audio called “Journey to Connect With Your Soul Clients.” 

This will help you tune in energetically and find out the answers to what your Soul Clients really want right now. 

If you’re a coach or mentor you know that asking the right questions can yield powerful answers so why not ask yourSELF. 

Again, it’s easier to find your Soul Clients if you know what they want.

And it’s also easier to find them (once you know what they want of course) if you know where they’re hiding out at, right?

So just for you I’ve also created a free checklist of 10 Hotspots Your Soul Clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client) Are Already Hanging Out!

Discover the best places to find your dream clients and cut out the guesswork!

Click here to join the new Facebook group and get your free gifts today!

7 Secrets to Designing and Pricing a High Value Coaching Program your Clients WANT and Will Invest In


I hear it all the time from clients and potential clients when I introduce the concept of creating lucrative coaching packages.

They say JeeJee “I’m just so used to doing sessions, I hadn’t really even thought of creating packages. I’m not even sure how to take what I do and spread it over time.

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Or “I’m so busy already I wouldn’t even know how to make more money and work less. Sounds like a pipe dream.” 

Or “I’m worried that by charging my clients for more than a session or a monthly package they won’t pay my fees or I’ll lose their trust.

You don’t have to bust your brain to design and price a valuable program that clients WANT and will invest in. Designing a transformational program is what you do when you want to express your gifts and be paid well for them.

And in fact clients WILL invest in a “high-end” program and leap tall buildings in a single bound to pay for it… when it’s something they really, really want.

So how do you design a program clients really, really want?

For those of you kinda stuck in per session thinking, here’s a mindset shift.

High-end clients aren’t buying your TIME. Selling your time comes from an employee mentality, and dammit you’re a frickin’ entrepreneur, right?!

Selling your services with the perception that you’re selling your time is why so many phenomenally brilliant coaches struggle to attract clients who actually value them.

My ideal clients are sophisticated learners & achievers. Which simply means I give them the work & they make moves, baby. I love it.

And likely this is a quality you value in your ideal clients because you want them to get results, right?

Well then you need to see them as such and create programs that express that value.

And when you create high end programs, you attract high end sophisticated clients who are committed and invested in their own transformation, and who wow you with great results.

*Don’t get hung up on the word “sophisticated.” I don’t mean uppity or anything like that, just skilled and resourceful at achieving things when given guidance.

Now, let’s look at what high-end clients are actually investing in instead of your time.

#1: They want to create an outcome. They want to solve a real problem their having.

#2: They want speed. They want to move faster than they could on their own.

#3: They want the How-To.” They like step-by-step. Having a recipe or road map to success appeals to them.

#4: They want your personal attention and access to you. Your energy and attention is important to them. There’s someone taking this journey with them that “gets them” and is there with them through the bumps in the road.

#5: The biggest thing they want is ACCOUNTABILITY!

They are done struggling to do it on their own, and they know their weaknesses in falling back into old habits and holding themselves back. They want help to get it done this time!

Now to the good part.

Here’s 7 secrets to creating a lucrative, high value, transformational coaching offer that delivers all of this and more.

1. Choose ONE Primary Outcome

Ex: Find Your Soulmate Platinum Program

Your call to action: Make a big list of all the juicy RESULTS possible from your program!

2. Include CONTENT 

Ex: Your Signature System

3. Decide on your SERVICE DELIVERY

Ex: Include an intensive experience like a VIP Day or VIP weekend Retreat

Get momentum going with your new client by starting with a visioning/kick off session to establish goals and outcomes.

 4. Always include ACCOUNTABILITY and ACCESS to you

 Include Private sessions/Laser Coaching Calls

 Ex: 4-6 private sessions over 90 days

Bonus Tip: Set clear boundaries around access to you, including when you get to people via email or phone calls. And don’t over coach in your sessions.

5. Include easy to create BONUSES & CONTENT

Ex: Recordings of Sessions, email access or info products

Bonus Tip: Don’t overstuff your BONUSES! You don’t need to prove your worth or value with STUFF!

6. Decide on your PRICING

Always give clients two pricing options: Full Pay and Monthly

7. Give clients a REASON to take action NOW

Reserve a juicy BONUS for those decisive folks who are done putting off solving their problem and are ready to say yes to your program NOW

Ex: Include a savings or bonus for those who choose FULL-PAY

Your call to action today: Get busy creating your high value program. Don’t try to be perfect or think too hard about it, just follow these simple steps and start offering it! If you get stuck and need my help creating yours let’s talk.

Irresistible Selling Tips in Your Inbox and Your Chance to Win!

Irresistible-Selling-SecretsIn lieu of my upcoming free training “Irresistible Selling Secrets – How to Get your First or Next Paying Clients without Feeling Pushy, Sales-y or Annoying!” I wanted to give my loyal subscribers some great tips each day leading up to this special call.

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I thought why not share this juicy info with the peeps who’ve popped onto my website. They might want the goods too!

It is also my intention to make this free training call the best, most valuable version of this talk I’ve done thus far.

It’s always been one of my most well received training’s and well… I want it to be better than ever.

So here’s what I want to do for you.

Click here to answer these questions.

#1. What’s the biggest problem you’re having with selling your services/enrolling new clients?

#2. What’s the #1 question you’d like me to answer for you on this topic?

Fill in the contact box at the bottom of the page when you click here. Enter your name and pop your answers into the message area and hit send.

If I choose your question I will answer it live on the call and you’ll win a free 30 minute “Biz Brainstorming Session” with yours truly, to hash out what’s getting in your way and we’ll get you going with at least one solid tip of action (inner or outer) to take to get your biz growin!

You must be registered and on the call live to win!

Grab your seat now. <<<

Now on to the tip of the day.

Irresistible Selling Tip of The Day:

Never go into a conversation with a potential client with the thought of trying to “close a sale.”

Instead your intention is to help people “open up into what is possible in their life.”

You are not closing the sale, you are giving them a CHOICE.

And the best selling (enrollment) conversations occur when the potential client talks themselves into working with you.

How do you do that, you ask? 

You’ll need to become a part of my tribe to get the answer. I’ll be sending it out tomorrow to all my loyal subscribers.

Register for the call and you’ll get all my tips leading up to this call.  

Now don’t forget to click here and send me your answers!!!! 

Remember you need to be on the call to win! Register NOW!<<<

Just Do You Boo! 5 Ways Being Yourself In Your Marketing Makes You More Successful In Business

Be-Yourself-MarketingI love working with coaches and service-based Soul-o-preneurs.

They have such a passion for what they do and really care about making a difference, but alas they struggle with BEing themselves.

Just Do You” is usually easier said than done.

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I struggled with this for many years in my business endeavors, with the exception of when I was an adult party planner selling sex toys and offering up some good sexucation.

I was me on high.

I often wanted to be one of the people in my audiences so that I could enjoy the hilariousness of me.

I was fun, I was knowledgeable and I was ME.

People who were too embarrassed to talk about sex all of a sudden came out of their shell, people who were quiet and shy became lively and interactive, and no one felt they had a dumb sex question, they asked away feeling free from judgment by me. 

This is what being yourself allows others to do. 

When I got into helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, specifically spiritually-minded entrepreneurs I actually hid what I was doing from friends and family.

I hid my spiritual side because I was afraid of being judged about being “woo-woo or weird.”

I censored my posts when I would write for my blog.

I didn’t sprinkle any curse words into my writing for amusement.

I kept taking down Facebook page after Facebook page because I didn’t want to leave a trail for family and friends who had asked to “friend me” so they wouldn’t find out I was leading a double life so to speak.

I know you get me. 

We’re scared to be real in our lives and businesses because it makes us vulnerable.

We think we won’t be taken seriously if we’re ourselves.

We think we won’t be accepted, or we’ll be judged.

We want to be liked and loved and too often we just say “F*ck it” and retreat back into what feels normal.

But as we feel emptier and emptier the more we look outside of ourselves for love and approval we hit that painful place where hiding who we are just doesn’t feel good anymore. And to that I say “F*ck that!”

Not being yourself not only hurts you but it hurts your business.  

It’s scary admittedly, but I promise you it’s worth it.

Recently I was immersed in a seminar with a small group of intellectual/spiritual people.

I know when many think “spiritual,” all these cliché thoughts of what spiritual people are like come to mind, but these people were anything but stereotypical.

They were frickin’ hilarious.

They were real.

Even with our differences we had so much in common.

We had some of the most enlightening conversations, some of the weirdest and some of the raunchiest.

We were silly, playful and deep all within the breath of a week’s time.

I think our spiritual sides just make us more of who we really are and for me that’s: fun, funny, creative, confident, sensual, frisky, playful, smart, intuitive, prosperous, etc.…

Everyone won’t love you or like you but that’s perfectly fine, because the right ones will show up that love you and want to work with you.

And the best way to start attracting more IDEAL clients that love you is for you to just BE YOU! 

Let your personality come through in your marketing, whether you’re speaking, emailing or writing, be yourself.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you just DO YOU:

#1 Who are you?

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Are you funny, quirky and lighthearted? Or Perhaps more serious and deep? 

Whatever you are, own it.

Stop trying to be or do what everyone else is doing, DO YOU.

Granted you can learn from what other successful people in your industry are doing but then you’ve got to add YOUR own style to it.

When I learn new dance moves, I take the basics I’m taught and once I’m comfortable with the moves I put my own JeeJee flavor on it and anyone who watches me dance knows exactly what JeeJee flavor looks like.

It’s unmistakable.

#2 Stop trying to market like everyone else.

The best biz “Guru” on the planet could show you his system and how it’s worked for these “x” people but that doesn’t mean its right for you.

You need to ask yourself these important questions before you go around replicating what others are doing or buying that next program or hiring that coach.

  • Does this person feel good to me?
  • Do they seem similar in personality, talents and traits?
  • Like me, do they seem to value similar things?
  • When I look at the outcomes I want to achieve do I still feel connected and believe in this person past my own cynicism?

#3 Stop “needing” other people to tell you what to do.

I get it, we often get caught up in “Oh, if I could just get somebody to tell me what to do, then I’d be successful.”

Sure we all need someone to guide us from time to time especially in matters of business, but the truth is no one could ever know what is truly best for you than you.

Get support, but at the end of the day always make sure to check in with your #1 mentor, your inner guidance.

And if you do get a mentor make sure they’re a person who would remind you to check in with your inner guidance. 

#4 Stop having the “This is the thing that’s going to change my life” mindset.

Often people get so excited about the new program they’re taking or new product they’re buying or the new coach they’re hiring thinking “this is going to be it, this is going to be the thing that changes my life and business and makes me butt loads of money.”

Often you end up disappointed when you don’t get the exact results you were looking for.

See, there is no “This is it, magic pill.”

Sure, you can have some success, but we’re ever-changing beings and there is really nothing that is going to change your whole life forever more.

There will be always be another thing, another person, another venture and another idea.

In truth YOU are the thing that continually changes your life and you do it moment by moment.

All the other people and stuff you think are changing your life are just actors, props and materials you created to make this game of life more fun, challenging or easy, and more real for you.

The 4x-time Grammy Award winning songstress India Arie says “If you create the game, then you create the rules. And if you’ll just be you, there’s no way you can lose.” 

Truer words were never spoken.

You are creating the game that is your life and all the rules though sometimes you pretend you are not.

#5 Stop giving a Shiznit about what others will think.

Sitting around trying to please everybody or trying to say the right things all the time will keep you stuck in your life and business.

Learn it now… Happiness is a damn INSIDE JOB! (Written in big letters to also remind myself!)

When you understand this you’ll realize that happiness is your own responsibility.

You can let go of needing to be liked, loved, or right.

You can also let go of needing to prove yourself and live up to everyone’s expectations.

Granted, being liked, praised and appreciated is nice but if you always look for it outside of yourself you will end up sadly disappointed.

No one can stand on their heads in enough ways to please you all the time and neither can you. 

Love and acceptance is not OUT THERE, it is WITHIN.

And when you love, like, accept and approve of yourself just the way you are, it won’t matter what anyone else thinks because the right people will show up in your life and the others will go the other way.

Your Call to Action! Tell me, what’s holding you back from being yourself, what are you afraid of?

Take some time today to consider what’s awesome about you and why it’s great to be you.

Then consider one action step you can take this week to let that shine through in your marketing. 

How will you DO YOU BOO?

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The Secret Psychology of Free Sessions


I often hear great coaches express their distaste around doing or even being on the receiving end of a strategy/breakthrough/discovery/free session.

There’s this feeling that free sessions are just salesy tactics to get someone to whip out their credit cards.

Read the rest of The Secret Psychology of Free Sessions

There’s a feeling that there’s something inauthentic about these conversations and that somehow the person they’re talking to is going to see them as sales-y, pushy or all about the money.

I get it.

I felt that way too.

I used to worry about what the other person would think of me.

I worried if they were just waiting for me to ask for the sale.

I worried if they’d reject me, think I was good enough or wonder whether I knew enough to help them.

I let self-judgment get in the way.

But I’ve now been in the world of sales for years.

I’ve worked in direct sales, distributor sales, one on one sales, I’ve been a telemarketer, I’ve done cold calling, and I’ve done inside and outside sales calls.

I’ve had 100’s upon hundreds of sales conversations and in fact I’ve come to love a sales conversation because sales conversations are transformational and if you do them right they become transformational transactions.

Nowadays however I’m not selling penises (yes I sold sex toys), or parts for airplanes or offices (yes I sold other kinds of parts too), I’m selling the invisible.

You can’t take this kind of thing home and make love to it or hammer it into a hole. (You’ll never know how many sexual innuendos there are until you sell parts, there are little female screws, male screws and all kinds of other names I’m assuming men made up when they started selling parts, it’s hilarious… but I digress).

I remember my very first discovery session with a potential coaching client, I didn’t even get an offer out of my mouth because I’d helped her solve her problem.

I did it ass backwards.

I didn’t want to be seen as salesy or all about the money so instead I just coached.

But hell if you never talk about money you don’t get to have it.

Lesson learned.

A closed mouth doesn’t eat.

So I had to learn the psychology behind what I was trying to accomplish in these sessions.

I know you’re saying, “JeeJee but I don’t have a background in sales, this isn’t natural for me.”

I hear ya…

The solution…

You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it, believe in why you’re doing it and have the opportunities to DO it over and over again until it does become natural!

No background in sales required.

So let’s look at the psychology of a free session.

What is the purpose of a free session?

The number one reason is to create change.

You are there to help someone create change.

You’re there to help them get into action.

And no, action doesn’t always necessarily mean they DO something it can be an inner action as well, but getting them to move forward in some way, whether they hire you or not IS the purpose.

We want them to take action that will help them long term and yes hiring you may very well be that action.

A really good free session also serves to awaken and bring clarity to what’s going on below the surface for your potential client.

Potential clients need to tune in to what they want and what’s getting in their way, and your job is to help them discover that for themselves with QUESTIONS.

Often the answers to these questions are something they’ve never really let themselves truly think about or tell another person.

A good session creates a space where people allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to see that their pain is no longer tolerable.

A well-crafted conversation, though strategic, also allows for your intuition so that you stay present and in the moment with a potential client.

If you’re doing it right you’ll be able to “coach” them to use their own guidance to see that what you have to offer is exactly what they need right now.

What a free session is NOT…

A free session is not about solving all your client’s problems in one session.

You are not there to prove the value of coaching and you can’t solve all they’re problems in one session anyway.

There is no need to play Superhero Coach to try to prove to them that you’re worthy and that they should work with you.

Who’s gonna need you if they feel like you’ve given them all the information they need to do this on their own?

For example, if you are a weight loss coach you can’t help someone lose 50 pounds in one session.

That would probably be really painful if you could.

True LASTING transformation takes time, period.

A free session is also not to be used as a HOPE strategy where you hope they’ll sign up with you.

We do not go into a session with needy energy.


Yes we want to gain new clients and make money, but needy energy is repellant.

Show up in the energy of service with the intention that you’re on a treasure hunt to see if this client is someone you’d love to work with and if they are, then you naturally guide them to discover for themselves that you’re the solution to their problem(s).

You can learn to do this and I can help. Click here<<<

Free sessions are so valuable.

They are an absolute gift for someone.

Adopt a mindset that says “working with me is a gift of transformation.”

Tell yourself “If they’ve called me, it’s my time!”

Feel curious. Your meeting someone new and you get to ask them questions. It’s fun!

Be relaxed, welcoming, embracing and excited.

Your coaches request…

Get clear and write down the answers to the following:

What would your business look like if you had…

5 discovery sessions every week? or 10? or 20?

How much would this increase your income?

What would you have to believe is true about yourself in order for this to be a reality?

What is one action you will take today?

Be bold and share your gifts.

Your peeps are waiting for you.


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Use This Strategy To Obliterate Fear


We know that succeeding in life requires going outside our comfort zone.

But the trick is NOT to go full steam ahead into the lion’s den.

The trick is simply & consistently to expand your comfort zone, so you’re more comfortable doing more and more things.

Read the rest of Use This Strategy To Obliterate Fear

If you do this on a regular basis, soon what you thought was terrifying, like doing discovery sessions, asking for the sale, putting yourself out there, etc., will seem natural, easy and even common.

There really is no such thing as failure, ONLY feedback.

Now don’t get me wrong you can’t just move outside of your comfort zone without working on that monkey mind of yours.

You might make some progress, but that monkey mind loves familiarity and has a tendency to try to pull you right back to where you feel comfortable rather quickly.

Here’s an exercise that I love to help you train your mind to be on your side when you find yourself in situations that make you feel fear.

Granted this is an after the fact strategy but you’ll soon see it’s benefit.

It’s called the Daily Review.

During our days even if we’ve scripted them first thing in the morning or set intentions before hand, we seldom get EXACTLY what we want out of our daily situations, so reviewing things after the fact can be of great benefit.

So here’s how it works.

Take some time after the event and recall what you wanted to achieve.

Let’s say you had a discovery session that you wanted to end in a new enrolled client.

Now compare that to what you actually achieved.

Let’s say you held the discovery session and they said “I need to think about it.”

Now, whatever you did well, give yourself credit for and PURPOSELY feel strong feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the action you took.

I mean you had the guts to get on the phone with this person, maybe you asked some powerful questions, maybe you offered a great service, maybe for the first time you didn’t feel so queasy when you talked about the amount of the investment…

Whatever it is give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. You took action.

Now here’s the fun part that changes the game.

Think of something you could have done differently, then simply imagine that situation as if you had done things differently.

Lets say that you recognize once you get off the call that maybe the reason your potential client needs to think about it is because you jumped in and started trying to solve all the clients problems right on the call instead of using a Discovery Session for what it is intended for…


Not problem solving.

That’s what your services are for after the fact.

None the less, you realize this and you feel appreciation, as if you had done things differently.

In your mind see yourself getting a much better result, and feel gratitude for that result as if it actually happened.

This exercise will slowly rebuild in you that childlike feeling of excitement, appreciation and CURIOSITY whenever you find yourself in a new situation (or one that hasn’t gone well in the past).

You’ll be rewiring your brain to see opportunity instead of potential failure if you’ll be consistent with this exercise.

And because you’ll be feeling strong feelings of gratitude and appreciation for both positive action taken, and positive action you could have taken, you’ll be shifting your decision making process in your favor.

I love this exercise.

Not only does it feel good to see things turning out in your favor, it really gives you the confidence to stop worrying about outcomes in the first place because you start to realize that you CAN feel good anyway.

And at the end of the day that’s what we really want.

We want the money so we can feel good.

We want the relationship(s) so we can feel good.

We want the health so we can feel good.

We want… insert thing here.

At the end of the day we want to feel relief or contentment or joy or ease or accomplished…

Basically we want to feel good.

And when we’re feeling good the universe lines us up with the components we need so we can have what we want ie., the money, relationships, health, etc.

However we can’t do that if we’re always caught up in our fears.

Want to go deeper & obliterate more of those old sticky fears permanently?

I’ve got the tools.

Join me January 19th @ 8pm for my brand new training “7 Steps to Move through Fear & Doubt for More Profit, Purposeful Productivity and Peace of Mind!

Click here to reserve your seat now.

And let me know how this exercise works for you.

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