High End Services Aren’t Just for the Rich & Famous – 4 Tips To Get Started With a High End Program


Clients often get nervous when we start talking about implementing a high-end program in their business. 


Because they think they’re not ready, they think they don’t know enough, that they’ll be seen as greedy if they charge more, they wonder who would even pay for it, and they worry that putting together a high end program is complicated.

The truth is however, that incorporating a high end program into your offerings is the easiest and quickest way to create an increase in your income.

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And they’re not as complicated as you may think.

It’s pretty simple actually if you follow a few steps.

And the great news is that your clients are ready for them!

Sure everyone’s not ready for a high end program but you will always have a certain percentage of clients who are ready to learn from you on a deeper level and are ready to step up and invest in themselves through you.

Let’s debunk a myth about high end clients right now.

We’re not talking Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous here.

The people who come to you often aren’t going to be rich at all.

These are regular people who have a problem they really want solved.

They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and they’re ready to get some serious help.

Higher end clients have some skin in the game with their financial commitment to the results they are seeking.

This shows their commit to themselves and to you as their guide.

So what do you need to get started with a higher-end program?  Here are a few tips:

1. Focus on results.

Let’s say you’re a coach and you’re talking to a potential client and you start off by explaining all the minute details of all the things you do for and provide to your clients.

Their eyes glaze over. Why? 

Because “coaching” is not what you do.

They don’t care about your process.

They care about RESULTS.

Remember people don’t care too much about the plane their boarding to take them to where they want to go, they care far more about the destination.

They want to know what they can expect on Paradise Island.

2. Use or create your step-by-step Signature System.

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place to actually describe your program but that’s after you’ve gotten your audience jazzed up about Paradise Island.

Here is where you break your program down for them in an easy to follow, step-by-step plan. Start by thinking of the end results.

They love to see that there’s a map to get them from point A to point B or C or D.

Don’t be afraid to show them a route to get there for fear that you can’t help them get results.

It’s just like the GPS system on your phone or in your vehicle.

It tells you the exact route to take you to your destination and if you deviate a little it gives you alternatives but sets you right back on your course.

So don’t be afraid to show them a route to get them to Pleasure Island, they can always return to the path should there be any deviation or changes along the way.

3. Add done-for-you materials.

Clients absolutely love done-for-you materials because it saves them time and/or a learning curve.

Done-for-you elements include templates, scripts, checklists and instructions.

Your clients will get immense value from these additions because they help them blast out the gates and reach their goals more quickly.

4. Know what people are really paying for when they invest in a high-end program.

To be clear clients are NOT investing in you.

That takes some of the pressure and guilt of charging higher fees off your shoulders right there.

They’re paying for results and they are investing in themselves through you.

They want personal one-on-one guidance and attention from you.

And the #1 thing clients are investing in is their own accountability.

They finally realize that they just can’t do this on their own and they’re investing in you to hold them accountable to the things they said they want.

They’re investing in your help to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

They’re investing to have someone there as a beacon of light to hold the vision when they come up against their own fears or obstacles that may be in their path along the way.

You are there to support them when they’re ready to give up or are afraid to play bigger.

You are there to hold them as the powerful people you know they really are.

And when you hold people as powerful they step up into and through their fears and amaze you with what they accomplish.

And here’s the best part of it all.

You don’t have to wait till you have more experience, or have a laundry list of credentials, you can start where you are.

Your ideal clients are just another version of you.

They are 1 or 2 steps behind you and they’re looking for that guidance and you just might be that answer to their prayers.

You can make such a big difference in your clients’ lives and improve your financial life in the process.

Ready to create or revamp a lucrative deeply transformational coaching/mentoring program your clients will love?

Ready to bypass one of the biggest challenges people have when offering high end programs… “Who will pay me for this?”

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Why high end programs are still the bomb.com & 3 mistakes you might be making


If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately you’ve undoubted seen the barrage of people telling you that you need to have, this that and the other before you can get started.

But this sets up one huge problemo…

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While you’re drowning in all the details there’s this silent fear creepin’ in that says… “Maybe I’m just not ready yet”

One of the #1 problems that  new and even experienced coaches and soul-o-preneurs struggle with is OVERWHELM.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to a business, plain and simple.

But the key to moving forward successfully is to keep it PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

This is why I still believe that high end programs are the bomb.com.

I want to impress upon you the value that high end programs provide for your business and life.

The bottom line is that packaging your one-on-one services in the right way is what you do FIRST especially if you’re just starting out.

FIRST, period!

Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT the only strategy you will ever implement.

Yes you’ll be able to create those group programs and get clients online and all that other good stuff you hear about.

But this is step numero uno, capish?

Now, this does not require you to do anything new.

It’s just about taking your expertise (what you know so far) and packaging it up in the right way to create the kind of transformation that your clients want and will pay for.

The problem is that there are usually 3 common mistakes that people in the business of transformation make that keep them stuck.

#1 Starting in the wrong places with your marketing

Traditional Marketing says:

“Get in front of as many people as you can and give away a ton of free *ish before you make an offer.”

You listen to this and all of a sudden your to-do list is off the chain.

You’re trying to get the website right, make the freebie, create a newsletter, create content, set up every social media avenue you can think of…

You’re trying to tweet it, snap it, periscope it, facebook it, youtube it, sheesh…

I can speak about it cause I did it…

You don’t want money in a few months from now, you want it yesterday right?

With high end programs you can create your program in one afternoon or weekend and get a new client in one conversation.

I always include a VIP day or kickstart session in my private programs so we can bang this out right from the get go.

I want my clients to get off the ground running so they can create income quickly.

Often they’ve got the people right in front of them (low hanging fruit) and they just need a structured conversation and offer that shows the client how they can help them get what they want and boom… new clients are made.

#2 Offering group programs too soon

Yep made this mistake myself too.

Starting out we think the best way to leverage our income is to create a group program or create an info product and though it is a great way to create good income and will have it’s place in your sales funnel at some point it’s not where you start.

And here’s why.

Let’s say that you did start off with a product.

Products of course have a smaller price point and let’s say your product was $97.

So to make enough to live on, you’re going to have to touch base with and get to know and explain what you do to a whole lot of people.

A whole lot.

It’s much easier to have a couple of private clients at a good investment point to start with.

Make sense?

Let’s say you tried to create the group program.

Group programs are a numbers game, and if you don’t have a big list it’s hard to make enough money to justify all the time you’ll spend creating it.

Again it’s just easier to have a few conversations and sign up a couple of high-end clients.

Again, you get to have the group programs, but it’s not where you start.

I was at a 3 day seminar this weekend and one of the big reminders they said was… You have to put your mask on first.” Right?

Isn’t that what they say on the airplane when you fly?

You need to put your oxygen mask on first otherwise you’ll be no good to anyone else.

Get some money flowing in with private clients.

You’ll be less stressed about money, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be more practiced working with clients and you’ll have more time to create the program.

AND a big plus is that you’ll learn what your ideal clients really need and create a program they actually want!

#3 You’re afraid to charge more so you chase low-end clients (don’t be that guy/girl!)

A lot of transformational biz owners try to set their fees low because they think then clients will say yes.

And one of the biggest reasons they set low fees is because they don’t completely believe in themselves or the value of their work or experiences.

They think “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t know enough,” “Who the hell am I to teach this, my life isn’t perfect” and all the other garden variety fears that come up.

A good reminder  I took away from the seminar this weekend was also to remember that “No one out there is “better” than you, and you’re not “better” than anyone else.” You are uniquely you and that just has to be ok with you.

Problem is…

We create our own fears and b.s. stories about people we’ve never even met before.

We create our own fears and b.s. stories about potential clients, collaboration partners and other people we see killing it in the industry.

We assume what people will think of us.

We worry that we’ll be rejected, or that they won’t like us, or that they’ll think we’re nobody’s, or [put bullshit reason here.]

We’re so mean to ourselves sometimes, discounting our value and our worth.

Eroding our confidence because of old worn out baggage and beliefs from our past.

With all that’s going on in the world at the very least we need to find space to love ourselves, believe in ourselves and see others from a place of love.

You’re only a victim, a fraud, and not good enough if you continue to believe the story your mind keeps trying to tell you.

It’s time to drop that shit.

Just gently set the baggage down, and pick up a new blank book and write a new story.

Your story.

You are the captain of your ship.

The maker of your destiny.

The playwright and the actor.

The dreamer and the dream.

How you see yourself is exactly what your life reflects back to you in people, circumstances and events.

I’ll get off my soapbox now…

But the kicker is that even when you set your fees low, you’ll find people are still saying NO… and the clients you do have start dropping out, missing sessions and not making payments.

This does nothing but leave you drained, discouraged and burnt out!

Charging what you feel you’re worth and having high end clients shows you how you value yourself.

Of course you have to uplevel your services and client attraction to match the new level of investment you’ll be receiving, but I’ll talk more about that coming soon…

Be on the lookout…

10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 7-10)

Excuses-JeeJee-SaafirLast time we talked I went through some pretty important excuses that if not checked will most certainly keep you from getting a paid client.

Here they are for review:

#4 I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough (All the not enough excuses!)

#5 With so many out there who already do what I do, why would anyone hire me?

#6 Is this audience the right audience for who I am?

If you missed excuses 4-6 you can read the whole article by clicking here.

So here we are at the final four excuses that are keeping you from getting a paid client.

Read the rest of 10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 7-10)

Excuse #7: I don’t feel comfortable charging higher rates

I get it, it can be scary at first to charge higher rates.

You worry that you’ll miss out on business, or lose business, that you may get a lot of objections, that you’ll appear greedy, etc.

You’re also afraid of being judged, afraid that people will think you’re only about the money, and you have the same mental tape running about “who am I,” “and I’m not enough, so how can I justify these fees.”

Well you’re not evil or greedy and I’ll bet your work is worth more than you give it credit for.

But unless you understand the real value of what you do, you’ll stay stuck undercharging and over giving.

Excuse #8: I hate sales.

Truth be told, the #1 reason coaches and service based soul-o-preneurs often hate selling ISN’T because they’re afraid of rejection.

To the contrary.

The #1 reason they hate selling is because they don’t want to be seen as pushy, slimy or sales-y.”

We’ve been conditioned to put our guard up whenever salespeople approach us.

We’ve come to believe that most salespeople are untrustworthy, manipulative and all about the almighty dollar.

While it’s true that those type of people do exist, it’s also true that you don’t have to be or feel like one of them.

But let’s be real for a second.

You’re not just a coach or mentor or healer or practitioner, you’re a business owner, and businesses make PROFIT right?

If you can’t sustain yourself you can’t help many people can you?

There’s a saying that goes, “It’s hard to shine your light, when you’re struggling to pay the light bill.”

See the truth is that this is about transformation, not trying to sell someone something.

Selling is not something you do TO a person it’s something you do FOR them!

The only reason you should actually care that someone buys from you or hires you is because you know it will help them.

If you don’t offer your services, no one gets the transformation their seeking.

Not your potential client and not you.

You want to do what you love and be profitable right? Right.

Selling is a skill you will want to feel confident about.

Excuse #9 What if they ask for their money back?

In general when you provide private coaching/mentoring services it’s a non-refundable agreement.

I’ve often offered a 30 day happiness guarantee if it’s a short term intensive program, or if it’s a VIP Day, they have til’ the next half of our session begins to let me know they aren’t satisfied and get their investment back. Never ever happened. Ever…

But with private work there generally is no refund. My time, energy and expertise is non-refundable so money is non-refundable.

You’ll want to make sure you state this clearly in your terms and conditions.

You should have a general written agreement that they sign before you begin your work together.

You’ll want to state clearly what happens if either of you wish to cancel the agreement early.

If they are seriously not happy working with you, they are under no obligation to continue and you’re under no obligation to refund their money.

Don’t sit around worrying about people asking for refunds.

Set your intention before every session with a client that they will find value in your work together and the perfect words will fall from your mouth, your heart and your mind.

All will be well.

Now onto the head honcho of all excuses and probably the most common monkey mind thought that will keep a paying client away like magic…

Drum roll please…

Excuse #10 “It’s Hard to Get Clients”

If thoughts become things, what thing do you think you’re creating with this thought?

No damn clients much?

If you’ve constantly got that tape playing in your mind that says “it’s hard to get clients,” or “moving someone from a free session into becoming a paid client is hard,” or “who’s gonna pay me for this in this economy,” guess what you’re gonna get?

Plenty of evidence that it IS hard and that no one will pay for your services in this economy.

Your mind is like a seeing eye dog, it is trained to look for whatever you’re focused on.

You’re totally asking yourself the wrong questions and thinking the wrong thoughts when it comes to your business.

All thoughts have a frequency and these kind go out and attract back to you in kind.

You can’t fool energy, it’s constant and it flows. 

Your business and all other aspects of your life are a perfect reflection of the internal stories you tell yourself on a daily basis, whether you realize you are telling them or not.

You’ll have to look at your fears here. The same one’s we looked at in excuse #4.

Thoughts like “it’s hard to get clients,” have self-judging thoughts attached to them.

Thoughts like “What if I fail?” “What if I don’t get enough clients?” “What if I’m rejected?” and the list goes on.

What do you think you’re going to attract with that negative internal chatter?

I’ll wait…

The images and thoughts you hold in your mind can either hinder or help. 

Now you don’t need to beat up on yourself about this.

Awareness is your greatest gift.

When we realize what we’re doing then we can start to reprogram, release and realign our patterns.

But what do you do after you’ve nixed the excuses, you ask?

How do you actually get paying clients, you ask?

I’ll tell you how… 

Join me on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm EST for my newly remastered training “Your Next 3 Clients: How to find your first or next 3 clients who will eagerly pay you more, love you for your work… and tell their friends” and I’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts of getting your next paying clients so we can turn your biz around in the next 30 days. 

Click here to get all the det’s and grab your seat for this content packed webinar here. <<<



10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 4-6)

Excuses-No-Paying-ClientsWelcome back! Last time we talked I walked you through 3 sneaky sabotaging excuses that are keeping you from getting a paid client.

They were:

#1 People can do this on their own…

#2 Can I really get them the results I promise?

#3 My audience doesn’t have any money…

If you missed Excuses 1-3 you can read the whole article by clicking here.

Let’s jump right back in and talk about 3 more really great excuses (and by really great, I mean you’re monkey mind is great at helping you use them) keeping you from getting a paying client.

Read the rest of 10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 4-6)

Excuse #4 I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough (All the “not enough” excuses!)

If you’ve been in the planning stages FOREVER, you might want to look at your unconscious motives.

If you’ve been stuck in the planning phase of your business for a while now, I think you know that at some point you’re going to have to take action to get things moving.

There’s only so much reading, researching, studying and planning you can do. 

Don’t be afraid when I talk about action.

Most of it will be inner action, but you know there’s some practical outer actions you have to take too.

Inspired action is what you’re reaching for.

You just can’t keep “being busy.”

Busy does not necessarily equal clients.

At some point you’ve just gotta get behind the wheel and learn to drive by… driving!

There’s something more important than thinking you need to learn one more thing and that’s… IMPLEMENTATION.

Granted you’ll still want to learn new things along the way, but you can’t keep waiting before you start.

So if you find yourself taking another class or reading another book or searching for the golden ring online, I would suggest that you look at your motives.

What are you afraid of?

Here’s a snippet of some deep questions from an exercise I UBER love by Hans Phillips.

I would suggest you ask yourself.

These aren’t pretty questions but it will make you more aware of what survival mechanisms you’re using that are holding you back.

Here they are…

  1. What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you? (e.g., “I’m weird, unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, lazy and stupid)


  1. If people found out that you were any or all of the above, what do you think would happen to you? (e.g., “I’d be abandoned, rejected, humiliated, thrown out.”)


  1. What do you do so that people don’t find out or decide that you are (fill in the blank with answers from question 1)______,________, _________, __________? These “doings” may include thinking, feeling or physical responses, for instance, “I get sick, I feel guilty that I’m not good enough, I think about ways to better myself.” This also includes things that are generally considered actions. I laugh a lot, I procrastinate, I look busy, I ride my bike and do other physical activity, I meditate.

 And here’s where you give those vulnerable answers:

  1. What I do so that people don’t find out or decide this about me is I… 

These are all the ways you cover up your fears. These are your survival mechanisms. It’s time to have the courage to embrace your fears.

It’s time to thrive not just survive.

The topic of “Fear” has become one of my favorite subjects and I’ve come with arms outstretched to help you through.

Click here to chat with me.

Excuse #5 With so many coaches out there why would anyone hire me?

I get it. It seems like everywhere you look everybody and their momma is a coach, especially if you scour the internet.

You’ll see that coaching peeps abound.

It’s true, coaching is a booming industry, but the question is why?

Do you think it’s simply for the money?

Well money is one important piece.

But where you find coaches you’ll often find people who are seeking freedom.

Who want to live life on their own terms.

You’ll truly find people who want to make a difference in the world.

You’ll find people with wonderful gifts who feel they’ve just got to share.

You’ll find a deep desire to help people transform their lives.

Granted you’ll find some jackholes in any industry but those people are few and far between and you need not concern yourself with them.

Do you know how many lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other professions exist on this planet.

I don’t hear anyone worrying that any of those industries are saturated?

Why? Because for some “odd” reason people feel we need them…

Well it looks like the world is saying yes to coaches too. We need you!

Statistically those other professions still exceed the number of coaches there currently are anyway.

So you need not worry, the coaching profession isn’t going anywhere.

When you’re a new coach however, I can understand your concern about this.

You look around and see all the top coaches partnering with each other, sharing each others work with the masses and you think “Why in the hell would anyone listen to me or open my emails when they’ve got all these superstars in their inbox everyday?

It can feel like they’ve got the coaching game sewed up, but I promise you they don’t.

You don’t have to wait til’ the superstars die off or wait til’ you think you’ve got all your shit together to help people.

If you need to get past that, I’ve written a great article to help you called “5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m Not Perfect Yet”.

Show me someone who’s got all their shit together every moment of every day and I’ll show you a person who’s not really livin!’

But besides all this we have to take into consideration how the world is changing.

People are more open and aware than ever and we have to give some credit to the coaching industry for ushering in this new age of self-awareness and consciousness.

People want to feel on purpose in their lives.

They are more aware than ever that they’ve been getting in their own way, and if they could just find someone to help them get past these fears and back into aligned action, oh how their life would change.

You my dear are unique. You’re not exactly like anyone else and you never need to pretend you are.

Not to make yourself more marketable, more likeable, more loveable, more worthy, more nothing.

It’s just a matter of you accepting and sharing your own personal story with your audience/tribe/peeps.

And besides if you have the desire within you to coach and facilitate transformation then the Universe has the path to bring to you everything you need to do that… and that means clients just for YOU!!!

Clients who are a match for you.

Which brings me to good ol’ Excuse #6… “Is this audience the right audience for who I am?

Just because there are an abundance of people who may need your help, that doesn’t mean they’re all YOUR ideal clients.

They most certainly ALL are NOT!

Imagine for a moment that your coaching practice was full of clients, but they were all the “wrong” clients.

And by wrong I mean, they were demanding, expected you to do all the work, super needy, no sense of humor, didn’t respect your time, didn’t do the work, etc.

You know the ones.

What if you’re coaching biz was full of headache, pain in the ass clients?

They’d drain your energy.

You’d end up resenting them.

You’d end up resenting your work.

You’d end up resenting yourself.

It would suck the life and passion out of you quickly.

You’re job… To get as clear as you can from where you currently are as to who you’d LOVE to work with.

You DO get to choose, you know.

You want people who are a match to who you are.

You want people who fuel your passion for what you do.

You want those who inspire you to do your best work.

You want those help you transform through helping them.

You want those who crack you the hell up. :-)

Your Soul Clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client as I like to call them) do exist!

In our final upcoming installment of the “10 common mistakes” series well talk about the last 4 touchy subjects (excuses) that keep you from getting a paid client.


If you want to dive deeper with the inner and outer parts of getting your first or next 3 clients then join me on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm EST for my newly remastered training “Your Next 3 Clients: How to find your first or next 3 clients who will eagerly pay you more, love you for your work… and tell their friends

Click here to get all the det’s and grab your seat for this content packed webinar here. <<<

Talk soon,

JeeJee xoxo

10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 1-3)


So we know you’re brilliant, talented, and have life experience that makes you a unique asset to others.

You know you can coach, teach, mentor or help others heal with what you know right now, but something is stopping you from making an offer or your offer is falling flat.

Read the rest of 10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 1-3)

Even though you want this to work with every fiber of your being and you know you can help people you’re sabotaging yourself.

You come up with all sorts of excuses to justify your behavior and getting your first or next client is starting to seem like a pipe dream.

Well, if this sounds like you keep reading because in this series I’m going to help you solve this problem for good.

Excuse #1

People can do this on their own

You’ve no doubt heard the old saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” right?

When your growing your coaching business there’s a common Monkey Mind thought that goes “Why would people hire me when they could just get this information for free?”

While it’s true that someone could just hop on “Google” or “YouTube” to learn about virtually anything they want (and trust me I certainly have) in most instances it’s just not enough.

A good coach, teacher or mentor like you does more than just provide information.

You’re more than just an accountability buddy and a motivator.

You help people break the self-sabotage cycle (you know the cycle you’re quite familiar with yourself).

You help people overcome limiting beliefs that break though the barriers that are holding them back.

You help people get back on track when they hit a wall and feel like giving up.

You’re aware of the value of coaching and mentoring, but if you can’t “see” that value for yourself you’ll keep worrying that others won’t see it and won’t hire you either.

People are busier than ever these days and though they can pop right over to Google or YouTube, if they had someone (and by someone I mean you!) offering them a way to help them get results quicker and easier than they’ve been able to alone, they would totally allocate the resources to get started.

This segues right into excuse #2.

Excuse #2

Can I really get them the results I promise?

A lot of coaches & mentors fear this one, especially newbies. You worry about speaking to results for fear that you may not actually be able to help clients get any results.

The question to ask yourself is “Why am I taking on the responsibility of doing the WORK for my clients?

Yes, why are you?

Noone can really “promise” results.

It’s your job to facilitate transformation. Got it. FACILITATE…

It’s their job to show up and GET the transformation by actually DOING the work.

Now if this is a case where you’re just not confident with yourself as a coach, teacher, mentor or healer, then get the training you need or hire a coach yourself to show you how to do what you do better.

Need help uncovering the transformation you provide? I got you.

Click here to get private 1-on-1 help.

Excuse #3

My audience doesn’t have any money

You’re telling me that as an actual fact?

Really… you know that to be the absolute truth?

And… you’re sure about this?

Granted some will be more apt to hire you than others but we don’t want to assume the primary reason is “money.” There’s a question I’d ask you to consider beyond whether these people can afford you and that is “Is this audience the right fit for who I am?” Well talk about that next time.

Now, if you’ve followed me or listened to me for any length of time you’ll know that I stand behind the knowing that you ALWAYS get what you TRULY expect.

Assuming that someone can’t afford you is the fastest way to ensure you never have “Paying” clients.

Clients can’t beat a path to your door if you’re blocking them subconsciously.

When you’re assuming what someone can and cannot do you’re projecting your own money stuff.

That’s about you, not them.

See, when someone wants a solution to a challenge bad enough, you’ll be amazed at how they come up with the money for what they want.

If you’ve seen the kind of people in your audience being served by other coaches successfully you’d better believe that “they” can afford it.

Now if they don’t see the value in working with you that’s a problem I can help with. It’s a problem I love helping with.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • To really know the value of what you do for someone and it’s far reaching effects
  • How to confidently have transformational conversations that uses the client’s own inner guidance to help them see that you’re the solution to their problem
  • What to do to end that conversation with a paying client

Want to get past these fears and excuses fo’ real, fo’ real?

Then join me on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm EST for my newly remastered training “Your Next 3 Clients: How to find your first or next 3 clients who will eagerly pay you more, love you for your work… and tell their friends

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How I got my very first paying coaching clients

Client-Attraction-JeeJee-SaafirIf your head is still filled with “how do I get more clients” and you’re still looking around at how everyone else is doing it I want you to stop today.

For three very good reasons…

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#1 Because continuing to ask “how” only leads your mind on a wild goose chase, searching and searching and searching…

#2 Because there’s so much information out there you stop trusting that you may actually know what to do already.

My guess is you’ve been collecting plenty of info.

You’ve been opting in to that free report or that free video series or those webinars and teleseminars, and we’ll you’ve heard many variations of “how” over and over again.

And the problem with this is that you’re overloaded with what to do, you don’t trust what you think cause you could possibly be wrong, and then you do NOTHING.

And #3 You stop listening to your own intuition.

You’re being given guidance all the time, but you don’t trust it for fear you’ll get things wrong, or fear you’ll be rejected, or fear of being criticized, or fear of failing again…

This is why I want to share how I got my very first paying coaching clients.

Let’s turn brain surgery into something super simple.

There I was lying in bed the night before and as I fell off to sleep I said to myself as I had been known to say when I wanted guidance… “tonight I will dream and if there is anything significant I will remember it when I awaken.”

I didn’t remember the dream, but upon waking there was a random thought in my head.

In my head popped the name of the non-denominational church I was attending at the time.

When I get a random thought like that I move on it.

I had reached out to them one other time in the past but nothing came of it.

And I know why.

At that time I was just very general, I wasn’t confident about who I helped and how I could help them.

AND I was just grabbing for straws desperate to get clients.

My energy was all over the place.

But this morning that I’d been given the name of this church, I felt differently about myself and more confident about my work, and I knew the power of my intention.

I set my intention for a successful outcome for all parties and I called.

I got the pastors wife and she was happy to speak with me and told me to come in and talk to her.

The next day we talked and she told me that they were starting to look for teachers for their upcoming classes of which a portion of the profits would go to them and a portion to me.

She told me that they were also having a holistic health and wellness fair within the next two weeks which may include entrepreneurs who need a little help.

She said that the following Sunday she would introduce all the potential teachers and courses and give each person the opportunity to get on stage during service and say a few words about their potential course and then afterwards we would have our own booths to be able to talk to interested students.

At that time my class was on Selling (still one of my fav’ topics). It was entitled “Get out of Sell Hell,” and yes I shared this in church.

Sunday came and we were allowed on stage.

The pastor said we had 15 to 30 seconds to give our spiel.

Just my luck that the dynamic guest speaker for that day had just talked about being in your own personal hell, and she gave me just what I needed to piggyback on what she said.

In 15 seconds I said who I was, my website address, told them who I helped and told them they COULD get out of their own personal “Sell Hell.”

Everyone laughed.

Afterwards people lined up at my table.

I’d made up a flyer for my course.

I hadn’t expected that so many people from such diverse industries would want to talk to me.

The first to line up was a real estate agent. I was still a little wet behind the ears in talking to people.

They didn’t know what the hell it meant to be a “spiritual entrepreneur,” even though we were in a spiritual place talking business, it wasn’t resonating.

These people were “practical.”

But as I talked to more of them I started to settle into the words that resonated with them.

They joined my email list, but no one seemed interested in the course so much.

I had not yet figured out how to write the kind of copy that would speak to them. 

That same night however, I’d received a comment on one of my blog posts from a woman from the church.

She left a comment telling me that she’d been up all night pouring over the content in my website and was so drawn to it that she was exhausted but would contact me about working together.

[Note that you DO NOT have to have a website to get your first clients, it just so happened that I did and I enjoyed writing.]

The next day we had a discovery session, using the script I’d been given from my coach at the time and the next week she became my client.

Back then I charged her $600 for 90 days which she paid in full.

Cute to think I charged $200 a month.

But being paid in full feels good either way.

It’s laughable now.

But we all start somewhere.

Two days later I also received an email for a breakthrough session from a well to do male in the financial world.

We went for coffee a few days later and he tells me how much he likes my work.

His intent was for a joint collaboration but they never came to fruition for whatever reason. 

One month later however, we talk again and he says that one of the speakers for their financial group (a huge financial company) dropped out and they needed a speaker to fill their place and asked would I speak about getting out of “Sell Hell.” What?!!

Lil’ ol me?

Out of the blue I’m furnished an entire audience by one single inspirational move.

I talked to that audience two weeks later.

There were technical difficulties during the call.

I stumbled in places and got stumped on one of the questions they asked me and yet one week later I got my second client from that call.

Why? Because I had my “Get out of Sell Hell” offer ready and they wanted in.

Apparently my energy was open for new clients because I got my third client “seemingly” randomly as well, when I wasn’t even trying on social media.

But I had my structure in place for when they got there…

And so it went…

A month or two later a lovely woman from the same financial group I had spoken to asked if I could speak to them again… Can you imagine…

Even though in my opinion the presentation I gave kinda sucked balls… something about spirituality and business really resonated with them.

I declined the offer at that time however, because I had shifted niches, but, you get the point.

This isn’t about pushing.

It’s about following your guidance and taking IMPERFECT action on it even when you think you’re not ready.

And of course having a few practical things in place like…

#1 Your message:

  • Be clear about what you do
  • Know who you currently help (or want to help) Note: It’s not everybody and anybody in the whole damn world! ;-)
  • Be able to show how you help
  • Be able to speak to the challenges, dreams, frustrations, and hopes of these ideal clients

#2 Your enrollment conversation:

  • Having a structure in place for an intuitive but practical discovery session that guides a potential client to a Yes!
  • Have your pricing ready and the confidence to share it (AT THE RIGHT TIME) just as if you’re asking someone to pass the salt


#3 Your program:

  • If you’re just starting out a simple 90 day kickstarter program (priced well) to help you get your feet wet working with clients can work wonders for your confidence and for beginning to unearth your system for helping clients get results
  • If you’ve been in business a while and you’re working in the dollars for hours per session model, there are 3 great ways to package up your services and if priced well will leverage your time, and increase your income and energy to do your best work

Want to find out what those 3 streamlined ways of packaging your expertise are, and dive deeper into all of this?

Then join me on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1pm EST for my newly remastered training “Your Next 3 Clients: How to find your first or next 3 clients who will eagerly pay you more, love you for your work… and tell their friends

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How To Get Your Very First Client – Expert Interview with Online Biz Coach Kelita Kellman


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing rock star biz coach and digital marketing maven, Ms. Kelita Kellman of kelitakellman.com.

Read the rest of How To Get Your Very First Client – Expert Interview with Online Biz Coach Kelita Kellman

She is the Content Creation Queen if you ask me. 

If you want to learn how to kick butt online she’s your go to girl!

She offers simple actionable strategies that you can implement immediately and she’s always got some awesome free training or challenge going on you can’t miss out on. 

AND she does it all while being a single mom. 

We talked recently about a very important topic. One that I’ll be teaching about myself in the very, very near future.

We talked about how to get your very first client. 

It can be really hard when you’re just starting out and there are so many moving pieces it’s hard to know what to do first or next. 

So we examined what Kelita’s journey was like.

If you’re fresh out of coaching school she’s got tips for ya’.

If you’re worried about the “niche” thing, she’s got tips for ya.’

We also talked mindset, money, listbuilding and when to invest in yourself.

This is what brought Kelita success.

Listen in here to get all the details. <<< [No optin required]

Also, as I mentioned Kelita is ALWAYS offering kickass free goodies, and right now she’s offering her free Masterclass: The 5 Figure Blueprint to help you grow your online coaching business. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/1P3fMH8

And don’t forget to listen to the interview here! <<<




Have more clients saying YES! with these 5 steps

5-steps-to-yesGaining the commitment of a potential client can quickly fall apart if you’re not prepared.

Just being good at what you do is not enough to sell someone on hiring you.

It takes a few key things to bring about this commitment and have your dream clients saying YES!!!

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There are 5 main areas you need to include in your enrollment process to gain a commitment from your ideal client.

#1 Activate the Gap.

Activate the current difficulty/challenge/area that the client needs solved/wants to change.

What’s the reason they came to you in the first place?

#2 Your core message.

Energetically and authentically communicate with and guide your client through this pain to the pleasure that will be provided by working with you.

Be able to clearly articulate what you do.

“I work with these kinds of clients who have these kind of challenges…”

#3 Your Unique Signature System.

Have a system.

System stands for (S)aving (Y)ou (S)erious (T)ime (E)nergy and (M)oney.

With a system clients immediately get what you do and see how you can help them get what they want.

A system makes it much quicker and easier for people to solve their problem, especially when compared to trying to figure out on their own what to do first, second, etc.

#4 Your packages.

Have options for your potential client to choose from rather than only one way to work with you.

Steer clear of too many options however.

A confused mind does not buy.

You simply want to have options to meet them at whatever level of support you feel they need at this time.

AND finally #5 Your Core Beliefs about Selling

Be able to guide your client through their own decision-making process that has them connecting with their own inner guidance, and not just their intellect, when making a decision.

They need to get in tune with their hearts and their minds for this decision.

Buying and selling is an emotional human experience.

Allow yourself to connect with the other person from your heart and really feel what they need, then you’re simply a guide leading them there.

My UBER favorite belief is that: Selling is not something I do TO a person, it is something I do FOR them.

In a Nutshell:

You need to:

Give the client steps to follow that will take their initial experience with you into a deeper place, and help them connect, on their own, to what and how your service will truly and specifically help them.

This is a very different energy from manipulating, forcing, pushing, or trying to convince someone.

This is selling from the heart!

Need help selling your transformation?

Click here. << and party on!!

Want new clients? Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” + Free Mini Script


Building a coaching or mentoring business of any kind is usually time intensive, especially in the beginning when you’re just getting your sea legs.

Read the rest of Want new clients? Pick the “Low-Hanging Fruit” + Free Mini Script

It’s common for a new coach, mentor or teacher of the soul-o-preneur persuasion to focus on building a whole website, finding the perfect logo, getting business cards, trying to choose the best tagline, figuring out what they’ll name their website, setting up all their social media platforms, getting stuck in shiny object syndrome…. blah, blah, blah…

It’s like having online diarrhea… It can be exhausting and overwhelming, not to mention the process of trying to figure out your niche.

Don’t get me wrong… attracting new clients does start by building a solid foundation for your business so you must be clear on who you work with, what you do, and how you’ll help them.

BUT you shouldn’t be held up from getting new clients by trying to pick a niche forever more.

If you’re still stuck on who you work with, I always say “Date a Niche.”

Take one group of people that you think you could help with your expertise right now and date that niche for 30 to 60 days… get a feel for them. 

Pick one problem they might be having and be the go to for them for that short amount of time. 

Make a game of it if you like. 

Dating can be fun.

And having fun is certainly the way to draw more of the right people to you.

You’ll gain more experience, practice working with more clients (and get paid for it) and you’ll be clearer about who you’d likely want to work with in the future.

I know, I know, you’re like “but JeeJee where do I find this dating pool of clients?

Ah yes, let’s talk Low-Hanging Fruit, shall we…

Think of a huge, well-grown tree, abundantly filled with delicious fruit. 

The Low Hanging Fruit are much heavier, and hang lower than the other fruit. 

They’re ripe and ready for picking. 

These are the people you should focus on first!

Not the higher fruit, they ain’t ready and they’re a struggle to reach.

Make sense?

Low hanging fruit are the people who know, like and trust us already.

They could be people you’ve had a discovery session with in the past who were a total fit but for whatever reason they didn’t get started.

They could be people who’ve showed up to your teleseminar or webinar or live workshop but never converted.

They could be the subscribers already on your email list.

They could be people who purchased your products before.

They could be past or current clients.

They could be people who belong to the same groups as you do. i.e., Facebook Groups, Meetups, Book Clubs, etc.

They could be people you meet at networking meetings.

Hell, you could even meet them in line getting a smoothie.

And there’s ALWAYS O.P.A.’s (Other People’s Audiences).

Point is, ideal clients are EVERYWHERE and they’re likely in your world already.

Too many people stay on the prowl for clients, like they’re something you’re going to beat over the head and take home and eat.

But there are people right in front of you that you can serve now. 

So now that you know where to find your low-hanging fruit, what might you say to them to get the ball rolling?

If you want to ask for a date, how might you ask for it?

Your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day,” will not frickin’ work!

Here’s a quick mini-script you could use in an email or over the phone. 

Take and Tweak!


Subject: Thought of you…

Hi [name] – How are you? Hope all is well!

I wanted to reach out to you personally because I’ve got something to share that I think you might be interested in.

I’m really excited about this.

I’ve created a brand new way to work with my clients so that they can… [insert results of your program].  

The best part is, working like this creates movement forward very quickly!

When I designed this special program, I had you in mind.  

Simply drop me a line if you’d like to hear more!

I’d love to share this with you.

All the best, [Your Name]


And press send!!

Now if you’re thinking oh crap, “I don’t have a program” here’s a quick post to help you create one.  

Your call to action:

Grab that tree by the low hanging fruit and take action!

Pick a few of the low-hanging fruit from this article (a few only!) that look the juiciest and most yummy and reach out!

If you need my help holla at me.

Are You Marketing Like Crazy or Creating “Marketing That Moves?”


I hear it all the time: “JeeJee, I’m blogging, Facebook-ing, Tweetin’ it up, Linkin’ it In, Instagram-ing, and whatever else is new, I’m putting myself out there… and I’m still not gettin’ any clients.

Read the rest of Are You Marketing Like Crazy or Creating “Marketing That Moves?”

It’s a pain in the butt, I know. It’s a frustrating place to be. But here’s the secret…

See, the question isn’t “Are you marketing?”…

The question is, when you are marketing… Are you creating marketing that moves?” Are you creating marketing that moves the emotion, or the “buying brain” of high-paying clients? Basically, does your marketing matter?

Because it doesn’t matter how much you put yourself out there, you can market till the cows come home, but if you’re NOT getting the clients you want, chances are you’re wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t move your clients and isn’t impacting their buying decisions.

Let’s go back to Client Basics 101…

What do clients really want?

Your clients are looking for your help to solve their most pressing problem(s). What’s not working for them inside of their relationships or lack there of? What’s not working for them with their health? What’s not working for them at work? What are they tired of dealing with or wish was different?

While having a presence and putting yourself out there is important, the secret question your clients want answered – the one they don’t even realize they’re thinking about – is this: Can this person really help me get what I want?

So the question you should be asking yourself right now is…

Does MY marketing answer that all important question?

Let’s take a deeper look at where you stand on this. Here’s a quick checklist of 4 marketing basics that move high-paying clients into action to work with or buy from you.

1. Marketing copy that generously speaks to problems, benefits & results.

If you want to attract the right clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client as I like to call them), you must meet them where their minds are at. You must learn to think like your client and language that in your marketing. And where are their minds at you ask? It’s on the stuff that’s keeping them up at 3am.

Let’s say you’re a coach who helps your clients find love and get married. You’d want to focus on the pains, problems, challenges, desires and dreams of people that want to get married, right? And hypothetically if you followed that person around all day do you think you could ascertain what they were going through in their day to day life. Yes? Yes.

Make sure your marketing speaks to exactly that!

2. Your Signature System.

Your clients want to know that you can help them. They want to see that you’ve got a recipe they can follow, and packaging up what you do into a clear step-by-step system instantly conveys that YOU have the recipe to help take them from where they are to where they want to be in the simplest way possible.

Even Aquafina, a popular brand of purified drinking water has a system. When you’re choosing bottled water there are numerous possibilities for what brand you could drink. None of them seem especially different. You think, “How’s Aquafina different from Dasani or Evian?” “Which one is actually better, it’s just water?”

Now I’m not choosing one over the other, and I drink them all from time to time, but Aquafina’s label says that it originates from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous, seven-step process called HydRO-7.” Now that does sound important and it does sound like they’ve got a whole lot of the yuck out of that water, right?

Sounds pretty credible to me that I’m drinking some pretty clean water (or at least they’re really making me believe the hype)! It costs a little more at the store but there’s seemingly a “higher quality” to this water. Would that make a difference to a shoppers buying decision… certainly.

And it makes a difference to your client. A system says “we’ve done the work for you, figured things out a bit and we want to make this recipe as easy as possible for you to follow so you can get what you want.”

3. Your expertise.

Clients who are willing to pay higher fees want you to BE the expert (the guide), not a buddy or a peer. You ARE the expert. Are you discounting yourself or are you claiming it?

You might be saying “But JeeJee, who am I to be the expert, I don’t know enough or I don’t have enough experience or I don’t think I’m ready yet.” It’s a very common thing to hear and it is of paramount importance that you get past that as soon as you can because you’ll hold yourself back for months and years if you hold on to it.

When my clients start working with me I immediately help them get past discounting themselves. We unearth the wisdom, accomplishments, knowledge and experience that make them and their work credible and valuable to their clients. If you don’t know your own value, your marketing will reflect it and potential clients will sense it.

4. Give em’ the goods. Be consistent and follow-up with valuable free content that demonstrates your expertise.

If you want clients and you want to fill your programs there needs to be some form of consistent follow-up, like regular newsletters or blog posts people actually want to read. These are stay-in-touch strategies.

Why is this SO important?

First off you’re building a relationship with potential clients by staying in touch. They see that you’re there regularly, tuned into their needs and that you want to help them. And second, your clients are asking themselves things like “can I really trust this person?” and “can they really help me?” and “are they legit?” Staying in touch eases the fears rollin’ around in their monkey mind about getting help from you.

At least do something regularly to stay in touch. Maybe publish a newsletter regularly or send an email pointing them to a new blog post you created each week. The payoff is priceless.

And remember, when you get caught up in all your fears about whether you’re doing this marketing thing right or whether you’re good enough to be the expert, stop thinking about yourself and recognize that you’re in business to help your clients. What you do could change their life!!! Don’t ever forget that! And you can’t help them until they say YES! And they won’t say YES until they know you can help them, ok?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it today is Stop wasting time worrying about marketing like crazy and create marketing that moves with the 4 basics above – your clients are waiting for you to take their hand and help them get what they want… and will they pay top dollar for that? Yes! So get on with it!

If you’re ready to create “marketing that moves” so you can attract Mr. or Ms. Right Clients, but you’re not sure how, or it just seems ridiculously overwhelming, click here to claim your 1 on 1 Marketing Soul Power Sesh with me right now!!