"Ready to Conquer one of the biggest fears smart, bad-ass, woo-woo friendly coaches have... SELLING!"

Let's face it, "selling" is often toted around like a big fat dirty word. Just the thought of selling conjures up pictures of cold calling, twisting arms, answering objections and selling to people who don't want to be sold.


Something has called you to be the coach that you are. You're passionate, trained and ready-to-go, except for one thing... CLIENTS. And those come through Marketing & SELLING.

You're probably pretty sure you've never wanted to do either, but you also know that if you don't do something you won't long sustain the vehicle through which you share your magic... your business.

See, I know why you're here...

You want to learn how to sell and market confidently and you want to do it in a way that lets you be who you are. You want to have more clients and make more money. You want to be able to share your gifts with more people, make a difference and be paid well to do it. Sound about right? We'll you're in luck...

JeeJee-Saafir-Sexy-Soulful-SellingI'm JeeJee and I look at marketing and selling very differently. Selling is spiritual, soulful and transformational! And if you're ready to shed your fears around selling and step into that confident, bold, bad-ass you who's ready to move forward in your business in a bigger way without being held back by your discomfort of selling then you're in the right place.

Selling doesn't have to be a dirty word for you anymore. If you learned this one thing you could do a lot of other things less than perfect in your business and never struggle for more clients again! 

If you're ready to have selling be a spiritually transformative practice for you and the clients you're meant to serve and if you're ready to have more income and impact in your business then register for this call right now and NEVER HATE SELLING AGAIN!

Join me on Tuesday, March 31st at 7pm EST for:

Spiritual Selling Secrets

How to Get Your First or Next Paying Clients without Feeling Pushy, Salesy or Annoying!

In This 100% FREE Training You'll Discover...

  • The top 5 client turnoffs. These are conscious and unconscious mistakes that many well meaning coaches make
  • 3 reasons clients say "I can't afford it," and "I don't have time"
  • How your energy/thought patterns (MONKEY MIND) affect EVERYTHING (the clients you attract... or not, your income, etc.)
  • How to uncover and direct your money beliefs
  • How to uncover your selling fears
  • How to get inside the head and heart of your Mr. or Ms. Right Client so that you have a deep understanding of what they're thinking, feeling and experiencing (learn this and you'll be able to make juicy compelling offers your clients really want!)
  • And more!

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