Attention All Relationship & Sex Coaches


I know why you’re here?

You’re like, “JeeJee,  please just show me how to get more clients. Please tell me what to do to get myself out there so I can help more people. Please show me how to make more money in my business so I can stay around to do what I love to do. Please help me crush these damn fears that are holding me back and keep me frustrated and overwhelmed. I wanna make a difference and I wanna make good money. Can you show me how to get the hell out of my own way? PLEASE!”

I hear you loud and clear. And I get it, there’s a lot of moving pieces and stuff that comes up when running your own business and it can be pretty darn overwhelming.

Unfortunately you’re also in one of the most unsupported but desperately needed fields on this planet. People are looking for real guidance and a new way of looking at relationships and sex. They’re waking up to the knowing that there’s more to the puzzle than struggle, shame and dissatisfaction. 

And if you’re like most, along the way you’ve likely experienced judgment, misunderstandings, resistance from friends, family, peers, potential clients and undoubtedly the peanut gallery inside your own head. 

But, ya’ know… A great business is a lot like meeting an attractive potential partner, dating, falling in love & getting married or “life-ing it together” and having lots of great sex!

  • There’s you doing the inner work (one of the most critical components) to line up with what you want. In this case you’re doing the inner work to attract your ideal clients.
  • Then there’s the dating and wooing process, where you’re first dating your potential clients and getting to know them, what turns them on, what they want, what their fears are, what they’re dreams are (niche clarity) & then working on wooing them. You’re putting on your favorite outfits, you’re feeling confident, you’re being yourself and all the right words are falling from your mouth (marketing your juicy offer). Oohh, yummy fun!
  • Then there’s the falling in love stage, where you’re totally passionate about your business, your loving your work and law of attraction has lined up your ideal clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client as I like to call them) and they’re showing up on bended knee asking for YOUR hand in marriage (in working together).
  • And finally, there’s Holy Matrimony (or a Life Partnership), you’ve said all the right things, and to them it’s music to their ears (deal closed i.e., sales). They know in their heart that you’re just the person they’ve been looking for all their lives. They eagerly sign on to invest in themselves through you AND THEN the party really begins!! Hubba-Hubba


What would get to happen for you in your business if you could see it just like this? A sweet delicious relationship, where you show up feeling valuable, being valued, and confidently giving value, and where your ideal clients are magnetically attracted to you and ready to step up and do great work with you! Not only would you feel appreciated for what you do, your income would appreciate too right?

Sure you may come up against your insecurities and doubts like most do in relationships when you wonder if the relationship (business) is going to work out or not, or whether things are too good to be true. But there is a cure for what’s ailin’ ya!

And you’ve come to the right place because the Business Love Doctor is in…

I want to teach you the sweet Art of Creating, Marketing & Filling Lucrative, Deeply Transformational Relationship & Sex Coaching Programs clients are eager to invest in.

My goal: To help you create a business you love that leverages your time, energy and income so that you can make an even bigger impact while helping to change the face of intimate relationships & sex on this planet.

Let’s get cha’ started right away! Ok?

Here’s your first step…

There are 5 basic marketing mistakes that even smart Relationship & Sex Coaches make that keep them from finding more clients, increasing their income, and finding freedom in their work. And I want to help you right now by sharing with you my top secret video of practical tips to help you build your business even if you’re just starting out.

Here’s what you’ll discover in my TOP SECRET VIDEO: “The 5 Marketing Mistakes Relationship & Sex Coaches Make

1. Uncover what’s getting in the way of you connecting with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients

2. Discover why your ideal clients might be tuning out your marketing messages

3. Learn why it’s just not enough to be a good coach. Learn what else you need to get results in your business

4. Understand why ideal clients might just look elsewhere for someone to coach them

5. Discover the Head Honcho of all mistakes. It’s the #1 thing that will keep you from success like nothing else.

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Get it now and here’s to the best “relationship” you’ve ever had with your business!





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