What stops most relationship and sex coaches from taking action?



[Reprint from 6/19/13]

What do you think stops most relationship and sex coaches from taking action?  

It’s something that you’ll come across a lot with your own clients.  It’s F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) 

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Here are of few of the fear culprits:

- Fear of the unknown
- Fear of spending time and money marketing to people who aren’t an energetic match for you and who don’t step up and invest in you
- Fear that you’re not a good coach
- Fear that you’re not worth the money you’re charging for 
  your time
- And the biggie, Fear of failure

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves that sabotage our success, and until you deal with them head on your business is going to struggle.

So, let’s deal with some of those fears:


The reason that most people get scared about running their own coaching business is they’ve never done it before.  There’s so much to learn.  And while many coach training organizations teach you how to be a good coach, they don’t all show you how to make a LIVING as a coach. They don’t show you the Sales & Marketing side of coaching. (Side note: I do not believe that you need a training organizations credentials to become a great or credible coach). But if you do, that’s fine, do what feels good to you.


If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s easy to make mistakes and spend money on Marketing that simply doesn’t work.  If you understand the psychology/energetics of selling and apply some simple principles, you can make your marketing message 100 times more effective!  What would that be worth to you?


The fact is, you get better and better the more clients you have. Repetition is the mother of skill. Practice makes us all better. You learn from experience and your confidence grows. But if you’re struggling to get clients, it’s a bit of the old “which comes first, the chicken or the egg” issue. Do you wait till you’re confident or do you begin where you are? Guess what, you’re clients don’t need you to be perfect, we all have our baggage. But we don’t have to let that baggage hold us back from success. What you do today may not be what you’re doing some time down the road, but why wait for adventure to find you before you make a decision to move forward with what what you want now? When you can start the adventure now with a mentor who will not buy into your old stories and who will always hold you as powerful, you’re confidence will grow quickly and you’ll take quantum leaps in your business. 


This is one of the big fears that stop many relationship & sex coaches, healers and practitioners in their tracks. They constantly think thoughts like “people won’t pay for that,” or “I don’t think what I have to offer is worth that” or “my clients will be offended if I raise my prices.” There’s always some fear that crops up when it comes to money. The subject of money has a definitely emotional charge for many. But money is just energy. And as with all other relationships you have in your life, you have one with money whether you know it or not. The energy we hold around any relationship shapes it. So the key here is upgrading your internal worth, not worrying that others can’t afford your gifts & offerings. When you see the value of the transformation you provide and are able to communicate that effectively to your ideal peeps they will step up and invest in themselves through you.


This is something that only you have control over.  I can show you what to do, but you must take action. And I mean internal & external action.  You know that you get what you focus on.  If you believe in the power of the universe, Spirit, law of attraction, or even the power of prayer to grant you what you ask for, you’ll know that the more you focus on not having clients, not having enough money coming in or looking stupid in front of your family and friends, you’ll get exactly that. You can’t shake this universal law. So you might as well be deliberate about what you really want to achieve. You need to upgrade yourself internally and when you do that you’ll more confidently take the external inspired actions you need to take.

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Allow yourself to finally go for what you want and be Bad-Ass!

5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m not Perfect Yet”


One of the most common concerns I hear from relationship & sex coaches is “How can I get clients and help others transform their lives when I haven’t cleaned up my own baggage yet? How can I help when I’m not perfect?”

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I think virtually everyone who has ever started their own business to help people have this concern in the beginning and often when their reaching for a new level of success.

They think I’m not perfect in this area, I still have my ups and downs, “who the hell am I?”

Deep inside, you know you can help clients, but this fear keeps slowing you down…

News flash… The only people who have no more challenges are dead. I still have challenges in all areas of my life from time to time… relationships, health, business, etc. It’s the nature of the game, you reach for your next level of success in any of those areas and you experience contrast. It comes with the territory and it’s NOT a bad thing.

It’s those same challenges that when I move through them I’m even more brilliant, knowledgeable, intuitive and empowered and better for my clients because of it.

If I waited till I was “perfect” and I had all my shit cleaned up I wouldn’t have helped the people I’ve helped along the way and had the kinds of relationships I now thoroughly enjoy today.

I win when I see that my challenges are gifts. They make us better, period!

I’ll bet these two things are already true for you:

  • You’re a few steps ahead of your clients
  • You’re committed to growing yourself, RIGHT! YES!

I know these things about you. You realize that when you change all things change so you continue to work on yourself.

The old “I’m not perfect, so how can I help anybody?” thing is just another sneaky way your inner gremlin tries to trick you into holding back your gifts. We can put that gremlin in time out whenever we need to. There’s someone out there who needs you, right now, just as you are!

Better than trying to aim your arrow and then fire it to hit your target. Fire that arrow and then course correct along the way. You need not be perfect.

If you’ve been caught up in feeling like a fraud, it’s time to reorient your mind. Let me convince you that you’re an asset to clients even though you’re not “perfect.”

Here’s 5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m Not Perfect Yet”

#1 You show them what’s possible.

People resist change. It can feel scary for someone to step up and change their life because it means they may feel uncomfortable at times. They’re thinking to themselves “Can I trust myself to do this? Is it really possible for me?” “Will I fall back into my old ways again?”

Your clients want you to show them what’s possible and because you’re a few steps ahead of them, you’re doing just that… when you’re boldly marketing yourself, of course.

#2 You’re ahead of the game.

Back in the day, if you’ve heard my story, I was a relationship coach helping single women find quality guys to date or mate. And even though my relationship wasn’t without it’s challenges, I still knew more about navigating relationships and attracting good quality men than my clients did.

I was still able to give great value and guidance to help them move more confidently along their path.

They didn’t give a crap that I had challenges. They liked that about me, it kept me “real” to them. But I was still ahead of the game because I could reach back with what I had already learned and implemented in my own life and pull them forward.

#3 You’re giving them a space to grow.

Creating a program for your peeps is one of the most valuable ways you can offer your services. With a program, you’re creating a space for them to grow.

We all need that space to feel supported in really creating transformation and lasting change for ourselves. Your clients don’t have that! That’s why they’ve been spinning their wheels.

You can give them that loving, non-judgmental space to be seen and supported right NOW, no matter how much experience you have. It’s often a gift that many spiritual women are just naturally good at anyway.

When you create that loving space of support you’ll love the confidence you get as you watch them blowing your mind with great results.

#4 They get to be in your energy… the energy of your personal attention, time and support.

One of the most important things YOU have to offer that the “mega-gurus” don’t is your personal attention.

I LOVE having personal attention from my mentors. You can go really deep with your clients and that’s what more and more of them are looking for.

When you work with clients privately you offer them tremendous value and personal support. It’s something they don’t get when they’re in a group or a self-guided program, even from the best mentors in the industry.

Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others because your one-on-one support is priceless, believe me!

#5 They’re getting accountability!

One of the #1 things clients are investing in when they hire you is their own commitment. They’re aware that if they could’ve done it on their own by now they would’ve.

They are more than ready to finally get it done! And you and I both know that change won’t happen without accountability.

Just by lovingly but firmly holding them accountable to what they say the want and will do (and NOT buying into their old stories that are keeping them stuck) you bring TREMENDOUS value to the relationship.

Staying stuck because you think you’re “not perfect yet” is doing a disservice to you and them. No one transforms, you don’t grow and make money and they don’t get the help their seeking.

Everyone started with no clients. The way you walk your talk and avoid feeling like a fraud is NOT by trying to be perfect but by continuing to be upon your own path and showing up, and doing the work for yourself and your clients. Putting yourself out there creates huge transformation for you. And when you grow so does your business.

How can you start today?

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4 Ways Relationship & Sex Coaches Can Love Marketing from Now On


As coaches we really want to be “of service” to the world and make a difference in people’s lives. But if you really want to make an impact on the world in a big way then there’s something you must look at in a new way – Marketing! But NOT because it can help you get more clients. Au contraire mon frère ( a little French to keep you on your toes… it means “on the contrary my friend).”

Let me explain…

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See most relationship and sex coaches don’t enjoy marketing.  They feel like marketing is this necessary evil and I suppose I can see how they come to that conclusion. For many marketing could be likened to a dirty diaper. When baby goes boom boom in their diaper, no one jumps for joy at the chance to change it, but everyone wants a happy, healthy, “no rash on the ass” baby, right?

Well sometimes marketing can feel the same, as if it’s something you don’t want to do but to have a happy, healthy baby (business) you’ve got to do it.

But I would venture that you can change your mind about marketing and shift your thinking about it so that you can make it more fun and far more effective.

As a coach, your job is to “facilitate growth and change.” You help transform lives. What you may not realize is that marketing materials can facilitate growth and change in and of themselves.

Marketing is actually your vehicle for getting your transformation out there. Not only can your marketing materials help people, but in fact they can coach people.

As a transformational coach you should be looking at marketing as:

  1. Marketing is teaching
  2. Marketing is coaching
  3. Marketing is loving
  4. Marketing is fun because it can be and outlet for your creativity

Thinking about it in this way helps keep your marketing authentic, more fun and more effective.

Now let’s dig deeper with 4 quick shifts to the way you think about marketing so not only is it transformative but also helps generate sales and revenue

1)      Start creating your marketing materials to “serve” instead of “sell.” It goes without saying that you want to get results from all the work you put in, but the more you can focus on creating marketing that creates value, the better you’ll feel about marketing. And the better you feel about it, the more you’ll do it! You’ll be excited to share what you know!

2)      To be a great coach, you need to have an energetic connection with your clients. To be great at marketing you also need to have that energetic connection. The best way to facilitate that connection is to understand your clients in the deepest way. Make them feel like you “get” them by connecting with their heads and hearts in your marketing communication. Speak to their secret desires, pains, struggles, and dreams. Everyone wants to feel like someone “gets” them and understands them, and if you can do that you’ll create a deep and lasting bond.

3)      Really good coaching is about getting clients in ACTION. Focus on creating marketing materials that get people into action. Part of that action may very well be to hire you as their coach, take your course, buy your product or have a discovery session with you. And part of the action might be to do something different, or in a different way or to finally get off their ass and actually just “go for it.”

 4)      Know that when your marketing efforts inspire people to buy your products or services, the people who buy are going to WIN! See, if you don’t market and sell no one transforms. You don’t make money and they don’t get the transformation they came to get. So if you’ve ever felt uneasy about selling your services, a big part of the reason is probably because you’re overlooking how much of an impact you’ll have on your client. What you do is valuable and when they buy, they win and so do you!

The bottom line is that, marketing done well adds value and coaches the group of people you want to serve.

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Five Frogs Are Sitting on A Log


I got this in an email today from a pretty smart coach, Rich Litvin. 

Had to share…

Here it is:

“There’s an old riddle that says five frogs are sitting on a log.

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Four decide to jump off.

How many are left?

What’s your answer?

Take your time.

No rush.

Take a moment to consider your answer.

How many are left?

The answer is five.

Why? Because four “decided” to jump off.

That’s all they did.

And there’s a big difference between deciding and doing.

Just decide what tiny action you will take today to create your next client.

And then take it.

Don’t wait for one-hundred percent readiness. It will never come.

When you are eighty percent ready, go for it. Run straight at it. Get exposed. Risk messing up.

Failing is not a problem you will face.

Failing is how you get there. 

Love. Rich”

Loved it…

The moral of the story…


All my love, JeeJee

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7 Simple Steps to Coach Clients to Transformation (Part 3) Steps 5-7


In part 2 of this series we talked about the exact steps you need to have in place to take clients down the path to the transformation and results they seek. In this last piece we talk about steps 5-7 and how you can support your client even further in this transformational process.

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Let’s jump right in…

Step 5 is simple. It’s just about supporting a client initially in implementing the action plan you co-created together. This is about helping them to initially get going and starting to work on their plan. This is where you are creating momentum together.

Step 6 is helping them to fine tune the best ways that your client can implement the action based on their strengths, their natural talents, and the things that are most aligned for them. Then you support them on taking those actions by coaching them when they get off track, get overwhelmed, feel stuck, get caught up in an emotional funk or just need some inspiration from session to session.

How do you help your clients do this?

By teaching them how to self-coach themselves. I teach my students exactly how to manage anything that comes up in a session by relying on transformational processes that focus on looking at the inner stories and helping clients make a shift. 

I can’t stress enough how crucial knowing how to do this is. Your clients will be able to make shifts on their own when they’re not in a session with you. This is a priceless process for your clients and for you because it makes your work even more valuable and it helps them lead happier lives.

And finally, good ol’ step 7 is CELEBRATING. It’s all about celebrating and repeating for the next goal. That’s how you keep clients on. There is often a new set of challenges once your clients reach their initial goal and they’ll likely need help with that too.

Having someone holding them as powerful, helping them stay on track when they fall off and not buying into their stories is truly powerful and absolutely worth investing in. All successful coaches have some kind of support to help them reach their next level and help them stay out of their BS during critical times.

That’s it! Steps 1-7 of a powerful process to help your clients get the transformation they need. Besides this powerful transformational system you’ve gotten a glimpse of here, I’m going to be going into the other important systems you need to have in place in your business to help YOU and your clients get the transformation you’re looking for.

With these systems in place you can expect lots of personal growth, business and income growth and the personal satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a huge difference in the relationships and sex lives of others. And for the client that too means immense personal growth and the transformation of their relationships and sex lives, and hell maybe even income growth for them too, it does happen. The inner begins to match the outer in powerful ways.

I’ll also be sharing how you can get training on putting these processes and systems into place in your business so that you can have the next level success in your business and with your clients that you’ve been wanting with much greater ease. All the det’s for this free call are here. Register now even if you can’t make it live, you don’t want to miss this information! Click here.




Are you takin’ sh*t personal?

[I know you're waiting for part 3 of the 7 simple steps saga, but when something flows through you you've gotta get it out there. We'll catch up with part 3 in our next post].


As an entrepreneur in this industry of relationships and sex (heck as an entrepreneur in any industry, but especially this one), you can sometimes feel like the loneliest person on the planet.

Not everyone understands why we go against the grain and start our own businesses. Even some of our closest friends and family don’t always champion us the way we’d like.

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When you’re not feeling like the gap is closing quickly enough between where you are and where you want to be in your business there’s a tendency to succumb to taking shit personal.

You look at your results and you criticize and condemn yourself. You nit-pick over things and beat up on yourself for not living up to your (or others) expectations.

But if I took shit personal say, every time I didn’t gain a client, or one of my programs wasn’t as irresistible as I thought it would be or someone unsubscribed from my list or a joint venture interest didn’t respond to an invitation or I didn’t feel a client and I clicked very well in one of our sessions I’d be a damn mess if I couldn’t get over it quickly and so would my business.

And when you’re a damn mess, the rest of your life can quickly turn pretty shitty too.

You find yourself irritated far more easily with your loved ones, you’re resentful of clients, you let your health and fitness fall by the wayside, you don’t take time to relax and tune into your intuition so you start taking actions in your business all willy-nilly, or you get back in the bed, pull the covers over your head and say “f*ck it all” (not that it’s not a good idea sometimes).

But all kinds of crap can go wrong when you feel “wrong” about yourself.

There’s something an entrepreneur has to have and that is the ability to get over taking shit personally QUICKLY!

I get it sometimes things can make us feel less than good, that’s ok, own it and accept how you feel but you’ve got to know how to move through so you can move forward.

You’ve got to care more about how you feel above all things!

You know why?

Because whether you belief it or not the fact is that life is an EMOTIONAL journey. It’s your thoughts and feelings (vibes) that create the life you’re currently living.

When you’re not feeling good about YOU, truly you have nothing to give another.

You owe it to yourself to stop looking at what could go wrong. What if things did go right? That’s a question your brain will answer in much more favorable ways.

You owe it to yourself to stop giving your focus to what others think or will think of you. Often the true culprit is what YOU think others will think of you. You attract what you think about chronically.

You owe it to yourself to stop looking outside of yourself for validation from clients, subscribers, peers, family, friends, etc.

You are the validator. People pleasing is not why you’re here.

When you’re motivated by the “need” to be liked, loved or praised (and yes I’ve been super guilty of this myself), you set yourself up for real disappointment.

You’re saying to yourself, “I can’t feel good unless others accept me and behave towards me in the ways I need them to.”

I understand how awesome it feels to be liked and loved and praised but “needing” it to feel good about yourself is ass-backwards. It’s all an inside job.

It is a brave person who can look out into this world and say, (and I don’t mean in an attitude of defiance, though we have to start where we’re at and if that’s the place your in, that’s a good a place as any to start)

“You know what, I’m gonna keep following my dreams, moving forward with my goals, fueling my passions, speaking my truth and being who I am “shamelessly.” Even if that means that some of you may laugh at me, some of you may judge me, and some of you may think I’m weird. And… I’mma keep going even if that means that sometimes you catch me “off my game.” It’s all O f’ing K, because:

I love myself

I accept myself

I respect myself

I appreciate myself

And while I’m owning every yummy piece of myself, whether you love it or hate it, I’mma keep doing me and I’mma let you keep doin’ you.”

You know what happens for this brave soul?

They attract the BEST clients who totally resonate and “get them.”

They create income because they’re not living in fear all the time about taking the actions necessary in their business, and they are genuinely happy with themselves and their lives even when things don’t turn out picture perfect.

And the best thing about these people is that they become some of the most loving people on this planet and in turn they become some of the most loved, influential people on this planet.

So bad-ass entrepreneur… the only thing you might wanna take personal, is whether you’re wasting your time taking shit personal.

Validate yourself and let’s GO! 

All my love,


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7 Simple Steps to Coach Clients to Transformation (Part 2) Steps 1-4


In part one of this series we talked about how important it is to have an inner and outer system for coaching your clients to transformation, and in this article we’re going to cover the exact steps you need when you’re taking a client down the path to getting the results they seek. If you missed part 1 click here.

Read the rest of 7 Simple Steps to Coach Clients to Transformation (Part 2) Steps 1-4

When you work with a client this is the pathway you’ll provide for them as a transformational coach. Take note here because these are the general steps that you could actually talk about when you’re talking to a prospective client about your system.

Step 1 is the part of the system that can be effective with any kind of client. So step 1 is having some kind of assessment phase. As a transformational coach this would include an inner and outer assessment that would include the beliefs and patterns that may or may not be serving your client. I have a questionnaire that my clients can use with their clients in their first session that sets up the idea that the client is energetically responsible for their results and moves the coaching experience in a big way in just one session. There is gold in having your clients recognize responsibility for their results right from the start.

You don’t need to have taken any coach training to learn this. So if you’re talking to a prospective client you want to speak of this as step 1 or phase 1 of your system. This is the part in your conversation where you’re saying, “would you like to hear a little bit about how I work with people.

In step 2, this is where you would use your self-coaching system to help clients connect to their inner guidance on a day to day basis. They learn how to shift lower level energies like fear, overwhelm and anxiety so they can attract more of what they DO want and less of what they DON’T. This is the self coaching foundation… UBER important!!

Here’s step 3.  During your journey with a client you need to have some kind of plan. This is where you support them to create a plan based on the goal they came to you for. You want to agree on a goal when you’re bringing a client on. You don’t want to be all over the place trying to help them solve problems by the seat of your pants. Agree on a goal.

In this step you can use my energy planning process to help clients use energy principles for planning and setting their goals. No more doing things the hard way when you’ve got Spirit, the Universe, God (whatever feels best) backin’ you up all the way. Clients tap into this and will take action faster, and more easily move past procrastination or overwhelm. The added benefit for you is that your clients will be easier to coach during your sessions.

Step 4 is to create an action plan based on all you’ve learned in the previous steps and to chunk this down into 30 days at a time actions that are most aligned for your clients. By chunking their action plan down to 30 days at a time, clients will feel like their goals are doable and they won’t succumb to overwhelment as easily. (Is overwhelment even a frickin’ word?)

This is a co-creational process between you and your client and I’m going to be laying these steps out in even greater detail in my upcoming mentorship program Love Leaders Academy. These steps are going to help you talk about what you do with much greater ease. You just go through each of these steps and say this is what I do. This is step 1, this is step 2 and so on. And don’t worry, you won’t be talking in a generic way, it’ll be in a way that makes complete sense for the people who are energetically, ideally matched to work with you.

Well talk about steps 5-7 of this transformational process in our next article. Stay tuned…

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The 2 Most Critical Components in Coaching Clients to Transformation [Part 1]

This is the first article in a 3 article series where I’ll break down “The 
7 Step Coaching System You MUST Have in Place to Coach Clients To Transformation.” 

But first let’s talk about the 2 most critical components in coaching your clients to transformation.

Read the rest of The 2 Most Critical Components in Coaching Clients to Transformation [Part 1]

You hear it from me all the time that to be successful in marketing and running your business you have to have an inner and outer system.

This also applies to your actual coaching. For your coaching system to really help your clients get results you have to have an inner and an outer component to your system. The inner component means having a structure (a replicatable process) that a client can use to manage their emotional energy and to shift beliefs that are not serving them.

For example, let’s say you’re a relationship coach and a female client comes to you looking to find the man of her dreams and you uncover that she believes that “all men are dogs” or that “all the good ones are taken.” You and I both know that she’s not going to attract the kind of man she truly wants. The story she’s telling herself just won’t let the man she really wants in, so you need a process to help her shift this belief and to help her manage her emotions when she gets stuck so that she can attract what she truly wants.

Ultimately, your clients need to be able to “self-coach” themselves when they get stuck or overwhelmed, and especially when they’re not taking actions (mental or physical) that are in alignment with their goals. There is a process to it and you can support them wherever they are in their journey.

The key is that your coaching system MUST be set up in a way that your client has bought into the idea that they are energetically responsible for their results. They must understand why they get what they get and they must take responsibility. You cannot “attract” for your clients. They alone are a walking, talking magnet attracting to themselves what they want and don’t want all day everyday.

If your client is out there regularly sending out all kinds of lower level energies like fear, worry, anxiety, mistrust, confusion, frustration etc., no matter how good of a coach you are or how passionate you are to help them, it’s going to feel like your both trying to push a wet noodle up a steep ass hill. (That makes my back hurt thinkin’ about it).

But, if you have a clear laid out system for them to buy into the fact that they’re energetically responsible for their results you’ll save both of you a lot of headache and frustration.

If you don’t have a system with these elements then you may find your clients blaming you for their lackluster results. Imagine how shitty that would feel. You don’t want to feel like you’re failing your clients by taking on the responsibility of them getting results. You can show them the way to the water but you don’t put the cup to their lips and hold their head back and drip the water into their mouth. Quenching their thirst is their job.

The other critical piece you have to have in place is the outer component of your coaching system The outer system is how you’re going to help them create plans and take actions in a way that leverages their time and energy. When you do that they are going to feel more confident in you as their coach and empowered in themselves to get the results they want.

Now if you’re coaching your client and in your session they’ve agreed to take a certain action and they come back to you the next session and haven’t taken any action, you need a way to help them see that there’s more going on than what they think is the obvious reason. They’ll tell you that they didn’t have enough time or whatever it is that their telling themselves, but there’s always more going on.

We can be a brilliant species of self-saboteurs. We can tell ourselves all day long that there wasn’t enough time but more often then not, through our energy we’ve created these experiences for ourselves based on some unconscious or conscious fear.

You need a way to powerfully coach them so that they see that any time they have challenges or they feel stuck, they have to start at the inner level to find the beliefs or the “stories” that are really behind the lack of action or that are really behind them taking actions that are not supporting them in their ultimate goals.

It is critical that you make sure your coaching system supports them to self-coach themselves and you have to have a clear way for them to make changes in their perceptions and how they focus their energy so that they can use this process themselves even before they come to your coaching sessions.

When you have your self coaching process in place then coaching clients feels easy and they get great results. You may love what you do now, but you’re really going to love what you do when you have this process in place because you won’t feel drained by your clients or over-give for fear that you can’t help them get results… AND you’re not going to have to market like crazy to get one-on-one clients because with a process like this your clients will want to stay with you for longer periods of time.

In our next article, I’m going to go over my 7 step transformational coaching system so you can see the general steps you take a client through to transformation and how you can apply that for yourself. These steps work for virtually any type of client. I’ll also be teaching this in depth in my upcoming mentorship program “Love Leaders Academy.” To sign up for the preview call and learn more click here.

An Effin’ Donkey Gave Me The Winning #’s


Did you know that every single person on this planet is psychic?

I know, your like… “hold the hell up JeeJee… I don’t think so…”

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But it’s true. We all have innate intuitive abilities and “psychic” is just another word to describe that. There are many activities that can naturally open up our intuition even if we don’t know it like yoga, meditation, being in nature, etc. Psychic abilities are a lot like athletic ability in that everyone has some, some people have more than others and like a muscle your abilities increase when you exercise them.

A few years back I decided to take some psychic development training. Why? Because I wanted to be able to make better decisions in my life and learn to listen to my intuition more clearly. I’d shied away from learning it for some time before I decided to give it a chance because I was afraid that if I “became” psychic that I’d be able to hear what people were thinking or read their minds and I thought it would drive me f’in crazy. I worried that I’d always be able to foresee horrible events and tragedies, but the truth was I was mostly afraid because that’s how television shows and movies had portrayed psychics. It’s actually the number one reason people avoid their own intuitive and psychic natures. Truth be told… you can see more scary shit than you could ever experience with your psychic abilities on the 6 o’clock news!

But I digress.

So, I’m taking these psychic development classes every week in a well known Michigan psychic’s home. She was funny as hell, very loving and positive and we always said a prayer before we started the class just so there wasn’t any negative energy in the room. We practiced new exercises each week to increase our intuition and practiced using our abilities when we weren’t in class.

On one particular day we learned to create an image in our minds that would be used to give us guidance, like a thumb that could give a thumbs up or a thumbs down, or a rose that would open or close indicating a yes or a no, and so on.

But being the girl that I am that just wasn’t amusing enough so I created (actually this is what popped into my head)… Donkey from the movie Shrek! I created Donkey with his fabulous buck teeth and directed him to give me guidance on things by nodding his head up and down for “yes” answers or shaking his head side to side for “no” answers.

My coworker at the time knew that I was taking this course, and that I had been practicing getting questions I wanted answered by using Donkey. So one day we decided to try out my new found abilities.

We decided that I would try to get the numbers to win the Michigan Lottery that day. So I relaxed my body and conjured up my image of Donkey. I asked Donkey specifically what the first number was of the Michigan Midday Lottery that day. Then I went through each number from 1 to 9 and asked for a “yes” or a “no” and he nodded his head up and down and side to side to answer. If he gave me a yes before I got through all 9 numbers I would stop and my coworker would write the number down. I then asked what the second number was and went through the same process.

We were finished getting all the numbers and we were feeling pretty giddy that we could be actually be winners. But just as we were about to run to the store to play the numbers, something happened… drum roll please…  

Disbelief set in.

I didn’t feel confident about all the numbers I had chosen. There was one number in particular I felt a little iffy about. I even said to Donkey “are you sure?” and even though Donkey said “yes” again, I didn’t trust it. Hello, I’m talking to a frickin’ made up Donkey in my mind, sounds quite sane and rational, right?  

So… we didn’t play the numbers. We decided we would just check the midday numbers to at least amuse ourselves and see if we got any numbers correct. Turns out I had every frickin’ number correct in the exact order and I didn’t effin’ play the numbers!!

True story people. Another lesson learned.

When we don’t trust our guidance we miss out on opportunities just like this. When we don’t trust we tank our relationship coaching businesses, just like I did ever so gracefully years ago. We get intuitive hits all day every day and the only problems are we either aren’t paying attention or don’t trust it when we do pay attention.

Some may scoff at what they read here and write me off as crazy, weird or taking part in devilish practices. But I’ll tell you, there’s nothing more devilish than living your life as if you have no control over what happens to you. Nothing is more devilish than constantly feeling confused when making important decisions. Nothing is more devilish than feeling like you’re a victim and life is just handing you a shit sandwich on a platter every single day. Nothing is more devilish than believing you don’t have power over your circumstances and that you’re at the mercy of everyone and everything. Nothing is more devilish than living in fear of LIVING!

Now, if the word “psychic” makes your butt itch, then think of it this way… When they say “Be still and know that I am God,” it just means let go and let the information flow, let go and let yourself be guided, trust that everything is working out for you and that the answers are at your fingertips. You are everything you need to be right now and everything you need is within you. There’s nothing weird about it.

We are infinite unlimited beings with powerful minds and abilities we’ve yet to tap into, and we stifle our powers way too often for fear of what others may think, or for fear that we’ll get things wrong, or that we’ll fail yet again. But life is for the living.

When you learned to ride a bike and you fell a million and one times, did you say “I’m never getting on a bike again,” hell no, you wanted to ride that damn bike, and life is asking you to ride the hell outta it, even if you fall a few times. You’ll get where you want to go and you’re intuition will help make the ride much less bumpy and wayyyy more smooth than you could ever imagine.

There is a way to fine tune your senses and I’m going to be teaching you how in my upcoming program Love Leaders Academy. In the meantime I want you to sign up for my brand new tele-training “The secret sauce to getting the BEST clients – How to find your next 3 clients who will eagerly pay you more, love you for your work… and tell their friends!” I’ll be talking about your intuition even further amongst other things to help you in your business. So, click here to sign up and see what other “crazy” story I might tell…

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The life lesson that cost me $2500


Years ago I was in the market for a vehicle. I wanted to pay with cash so I wouldn’t have to pay a car note. And for once, I wanted to do something on my own. I’d done a bit of spiritual “work” on myself and at that point was just getting used to listening to my intuition. It was a time of serious trial and error.

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I found a cute little drop-top Volkswagen Cabriolet for sale on a reputable site, www.cars.com. I contacted the owner who said he was out of town but gave me the VIN # to get a car fax report. The report gave the car a clean review.

Here’s where it get’s good, and by good I mean shit goes swiftly downhill!

Keep in mind these were the days before any new-fangle cell phones existed and I didn’t have a laptop either. My entire interaction with this person was via my email on a tiny screen on my little ol’ cell phone.

Somehow without me even physically seeing the car besides the pictures I’d seen on the website, I was convinced that all was well and thus negotiated with this person that I could pay $2500 now and $1000 the next week.

I didn’t realize till after the fact that I had some serious non-physical help (angels, deceased loved ones… I don’t know) trying to keep me from making this bad decision. My God Posse as I’ve come to call ‘em, was trying really hard to keep me from following through with this transaction. 

I probably typed the same email to this person about ten times over and over because “somehow” my phone wouldn’t send the message to this person and would “somehow” delete it after every attempt. I was frustrated and clueless to the message my God Posse was trying to give me, and still kept on. 

I finally get the email message sent to this person and we decide I’ll send him the $2500 that day via money gram. Here was the clincher. He emails me again (I’m only assuming he was a “he”) and says that he would need me to send the money to his son in the UK and that I should use his son’s name to send it. It’s no surprise now that there were issues trying to send the money gram when I got to the store. But even when my Spidey senses were tingling like crazy my naive ass still sent the money! Talk about blindly wanting something so bad…

Can you guess what happened next? Yep… I never heard from that person ever again. I tried to file a claim with the website, but they could do nothing about it. I’d been duped and I’d been duped good.

Now there’s intuition and then there’s just blatant unseen help and when I get help like that these days I more than listen. It may have cost me $2500 to learn this lesson but that’s the kind of expensive lesson that makes you sit up and take notice.

It’s like burning your hand on a hot stove… you’re not falling all over yourself to do that shit again…

I recognize just how much I’m loved and how much the Universe/God/Spirit has my back ALL the time. I’ve since practiced really listening to my intuition and have even taken psychic development classes to help me get guidance even easier.

Our intuition and connection to Spirit is priceless. But often we don’t listen to it or look for help from our inner guidance til shit hits the fan or we’re down on our knees and desperate. You don’t have to make bad decisions like this… even though these decisions are some of life’s best teaching tools, if you’ll learn from them. I want to give you the tools and processes that helped me and still help me today to discern and make better decisions in my own life and business. 

You’ve heard it from me over and over again but I can’t say it enough (including to myself)… You are the creator of your own reality and you have the power to create around you the life and business that you want and you don’t have to spend $2500 to learn how! I’m going to be showing you just how to do it very soon in Love Leaders Academy.

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