The Secret Psychology of Free Sessions


I often hear great coaches express their distaste around doing or even being on the receiving end of a strategy/breakthrough/discovery/free session.

There’s this feeling that free sessions are just salesy tactics to get someone to whip out their credit cards.

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There’s a feeling that there’s something inauthentic about these conversations and that somehow the person they’re talking to is going to see them as sales-y, pushy or all about the money.

I get it.

I felt that way too.

I used to worry about what the other person would think of me.

I worried if they were just waiting for me to ask for the sale.

I worried if they’d reject me, think I was good enough or wonder whether I knew enough to help them.

I let self-judgment get in the way.

But I’ve now been in the world of sales for years.

I’ve worked in direct sales, distributor sales, one on one sales, I’ve been a telemarketer, I’ve done cold calling, and I’ve done inside and outside sales calls.

I’ve had 100’s upon hundreds of sales conversations and in fact I’ve come to love a sales conversation because sales conversations are transformational and if you do them right they become transformational transactions.

Nowadays however I’m not selling penises (yes I sold sex toys), or parts for airplanes or offices (yes I sold other kinds of parts too), I’m selling the invisible.

You can’t take this kind of thing home and make love to it or hammer it into a hole. (You’ll never know how many sexual innuendos there are until you sell parts, there are little female screws, male screws and all kinds of other names I’m assuming men made up when they started selling parts, it’s hilarious… but I digress).

I remember my very first discovery session with a potential coaching client, I didn’t even get an offer out of my mouth because I’d helped her solve her problem.

I did it ass backwards.

I didn’t want to be seen as salesy or all about the money so instead I just coached.

But hell if you never talk about money you don’t get to have it.

Lesson learned.

A closed mouth doesn’t eat.

So I had to learn the psychology behind what I was trying to accomplish in these sessions.

I know you’re saying, “JeeJee but I don’t have a background in sales, this isn’t natural for me.”

I hear ya…

The solution…

You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it, believe in why you’re doing it and have the opportunities to DO it over and over again until it does become natural!

No background in sales required.

So let’s look at the psychology of a free session.

What is the purpose of a free session?

The number one reason is to create change.

You are there to help someone create change.

You’re there to help them get into action.

And no, action doesn’t always necessarily mean they DO something it can be an inner action as well, but getting them to move forward in some way, whether they hire you or not IS the purpose.

We want them to take action that will help them long term and yes hiring you may very well be that action.

A really good free session also serves to awaken and bring clarity to what’s going on below the surface for your potential client.

Potential clients need to tune in to what they want and what’s getting in their way, and your job is to help them discover that for themselves with QUESTIONS.

Often the answers to these questions are something they’ve never really let themselves truly think about or tell another person.

A good session creates a space where people allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to see that their pain is no longer tolerable.

A well-crafted conversation, though strategic, also allows for your intuition so that you stay present and in the moment with a potential client.

If you’re doing it right you’ll be able to “coach” them to use their own guidance to see that what you have to offer is exactly what they need right now.

What a free session is NOT…

A free session is not about solving all your client’s problems in one session.

You are not there to prove the value of coaching and you can’t solve all they’re problems in one session anyway.

There is no need to play Superhero Coach to try to prove to them that you’re worthy and that they should work with you.

Who’s gonna need you if they feel like you’ve given them all the information they need to do this on their own?

For example, if you are a weight loss coach you can’t help someone lose 50 pounds in one session.

That would probably be really painful if you could.

True LASTING transformation takes time, period.

A free session is also not to be used as a HOPE strategy where you hope they’ll sign up with you.

We do not go into a session with needy energy.


Yes we want to gain new clients and make money, but needy energy is repellant.

Show up in the energy of service with the intention that you’re on a treasure hunt to see if this client is someone you’d love to work with and if they are, then you naturally guide them to discover for themselves that you’re the solution to their problem(s).

You can learn to do this and I can help. Click here<<<

Free sessions are so valuable.

They are an absolute gift for someone.

Adopt a mindset that says “working with me is a gift of transformation.”

Tell yourself “If they’ve called me, it’s my time!”

Feel curious. Your meeting someone new and you get to ask them questions. It’s fun!

Be relaxed, welcoming, embracing and excited.

Your coaches request…

Get clear and write down the answers to the following:

What would your business look like if you had…

5 discovery sessions every week? or 10? or 20?

How much would this increase your income?

What would you have to believe is true about yourself in order for this to be a reality?

What is one action you will take today?

Be bold and share your gifts.

Your peeps are waiting for you.


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Use This Strategy To Obliterate Fear


We know that succeeding in life requires going outside our comfort zone.

But the trick is NOT to go full steam ahead into the lion’s den.

The trick is simply & consistently to expand your comfort zone, so you’re more comfortable doing more and more things.

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If you do this on a regular basis, soon what you thought was terrifying, like doing discovery sessions, asking for the sale, putting yourself out there, etc., will seem natural, easy and even common.

There really is no such thing as failure, ONLY feedback.

Now don’t get me wrong you can’t just move outside of your comfort zone without working on that monkey mind of yours.

You might make some progress, but that monkey mind loves familiarity and has a tendency to try to pull you right back to where you feel comfortable rather quickly.

Here’s an exercise that I love to help you train your mind to be on your side when you find yourself in situations that make you feel fear.

Granted this is an after the fact strategy but you’ll soon see it’s benefit.

It’s called the Daily Review.

During our days even if we’ve scripted them first thing in the morning or set intentions before hand, we seldom get EXACTLY what we want out of our daily situations, so reviewing things after the fact can be of great benefit.

So here’s how it works.

Take some time after the event and recall what you wanted to achieve.

Let’s say you had a discovery session that you wanted to end in a new enrolled client.

Now compare that to what you actually achieved.

Let’s say you held the discovery session and they said “I need to think about it.”

Now, whatever you did well, give yourself credit for and PURPOSELY feel strong feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the action you took.

I mean you had the guts to get on the phone with this person, maybe you asked some powerful questions, maybe you offered a great service, maybe for the first time you didn’t feel so queasy when you talked about the amount of the investment…

Whatever it is give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. You took action.

Now here’s the fun part that changes the game.

Think of something you could have done differently, then simply imagine that situation as if you had done things differently.

Lets say that you recognize once you get off the call that maybe the reason your potential client needs to think about it is because you jumped in and started trying to solve all the clients problems right on the call instead of using a Discovery Session for what it is intended for…


Not problem solving.

That’s what your services are for after the fact.

None the less, you realize this and you feel appreciation, as if you had done things differently.

In your mind see yourself getting a much better result, and feel gratitude for that result as if it actually happened.

This exercise will slowly rebuild in you that childlike feeling of excitement, appreciation and CURIOSITY whenever you find yourself in a new situation (or one that hasn’t gone well in the past).

You’ll be rewiring your brain to see opportunity instead of potential failure if you’ll be consistent with this exercise.

And because you’ll be feeling strong feelings of gratitude and appreciation for both positive action taken, and positive action you could have taken, you’ll be shifting your decision making process in your favor.

I love this exercise.

Not only does it feel good to see things turning out in your favor, it really gives you the confidence to stop worrying about outcomes in the first place because you start to realize that you CAN feel good anyway.

And at the end of the day that’s what we really want.

We want the money so we can feel good.

We want the relationship(s) so we can feel good.

We want the health so we can feel good.

We want… insert thing here.

At the end of the day we want to feel relief or contentment or joy or ease or accomplished…

Basically we want to feel good.

And when we’re feeling good the universe lines us up with the components we need so we can have what we want ie., the money, relationships, health, etc.

However we can’t do that if we’re always caught up in our fears.

Want to go deeper & obliterate more of those old sticky fears permanently?

I’ve got the tools.

Join me January 19th @ 8pm for my brand new training “7 Steps to Move through Fear & Doubt for More Profit, Purposeful Productivity and Peace of Mind!

Click here to reserve your seat now.

And let me know how this exercise works for you.

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11 Things Your Future Self Wants You To Know In 2016


Most people are likely talking about their New Year’s Resolutions.

But if you know me, you know how I feel about those.

The momentum of doing it differently this year fades within 60 to 90 days and then you’re back to square one.

If you’re like many, you’re tired of the ground hog day life you keep living.

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You made a little progress in your life and business but things still seem to look the same way they did last year.

Different faces, different places but same stuff.

You’ve heard the saying, “Same shit, different day.”

Are you living a “Same shit, different year?”

Well your future self wanted me to give you this gift as you move into 2016 so that you can finally make peace with yourself and stop dragging WHAT WAS into your future again and again.

In the actual movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray playing the infamous character Phil, wakes up day in and day out to the same experiences.

Long story short, Phil after many days of trying to kill himself, trying to make the female producer Rita fall in love with him and failing at attempt after attempt to make any real change that made it through to the next day…

He stops resisting.

He finally begins to live.

Having the luxury of being stuck in his own drama until he finally surrenders and chooses to live each day as a world unto itself he is transformed.

You’ve had this luxury and now its time to stop resisting WHAT IS and transform 2016 FOR REAL this time!

Here are 11 Things Your Future Self Wants You To Know In 2016:

1. You will fail sometimes and make mistakes and it’s OK.

You will keep moving forward taking “aligned” action.

There are no winners or losers, you will either win or learn.

Seeming failure is only feedback and offers the opportunity, as Henry Ford said, to begin again more intelligently.

2. You must have fun, laugh more, and infuse that into your work.

You will not sacrifice your happiness for some expected future reward.

This is the secret to keeping your intuition sharp, your creativity high and enjoying a much more effortless ride along the way!

3. You must be yourself.

Seeking approval is so last year.

It’s cool to be loved, appreciated, liked and marketable but remember the people “out there” aren’t the source of your love, happiness or approval, it’s all an inside job.

4. You must create structure in your business, period.

Though some of this will seem like you’re flying by the seat of your pants, you’ll be so happy not to have to reinvent the wheel for clients.

You’ll be happy when you begin to delegate things to others because you’ve created clear systems that help things flow more easily.

And you’re clients will feel more confident and trusting of your guidance to help them get to where they want to be.

5. You must forgive yourself and others. 

Forgive yourself for the things you regret, feel guilty about, etc.

Stop beating up on yourself about everything.

Oh and have the guts to forgive others too, they are simply a mirror for you.

The ones that you really feel don’t deserve forgiveness will be your greatest teachers.

They are the ones who finally force you to look within and remind you that you are not separate.

Separation is an illusion.

Everything is energy and you’re connected to it all.

Forgiveness is not something you do for the others sake, it is an extreme act of self-love.

This year you can must forgive. Let go of the energies that are holding you back from success.

6. Negative emotion is your friend too.

You won’t always be a happy camper every single moment of everyday.

Challenges do come up and our first responses aren’t always “Yay, this is so frickin’ awesome!”

You may have a moment when you behave “out of character” so to speak, or you think for far to long about how you’d like to punch so and so’s lights out, but it will all pass.

Don’t try to resist your negative emotions.

What you resist always persists and grows larger.

Negative emotion simply tells you where you’re at in your connection or lack there of with your Source.

This year you can master your emotions instead of denying or trying to ignore them.

7. You must have support.

You won’t do this alone.

Find a mentor or two that you REALLY vibe with that will hold you accountable to what you want.

That person who will help keep you on track with the necessary inner and outer work when you feel like you’re losing your way.

The one who will be there when life gets in the way (or you get in your own way).

The one who will help you remember who you are, hold your vision and help you shift energy when you’re afraid to take action.

Also, surround yourself with kick-ass peeps who have similar goals, big dreams and are committed to manifesting their desires just like you.

The journey is much more fun when you have awesome people who get you traveling this road with you.

8. Stop worrying all the time.

If you think about it, the reason you usually feel bad is because there’s a thought you’re attached to.

As Byron Katie of The Work says, ask yourself if that thought is really the truth, and then ask yourself “Who would I be without this thought?”

You’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel and how much more energy you’ll have when you stop believing every thought that comes into your mind.

9. Money is just energy.

It is not an indicator of your worthiness, but an indicator of how worthy YOU feel.

You will have a breakthrough this year with money because you will have a breakthrough with yourSELF once and for all.

You will have the inner game and the outer plan to create the income you want this year.

10. The greatest relationship you’ll need to tend to this year is the one you have with yourself PERIOD.

This year you will accept yourself just as you are, even if some others don’t.

You will love yourself even if you make mistakes.

You will treat yourself well.

You will trust that you are guided and take chances on yourself.

You will stop worrying about what others may think and put yourself out there in the marketplace because there are those who really need the gifts and talents you bring this year and it is your souls desire to help them.

11. Fear will not take you out. 

It’s just your ego’s way of trying to keep you safe.

This year you will not only come to have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will have a healthy relationship with fear.

You will not try to push it way.

You will not pretend it doesn’t exist.

You will not try to force yourself to act through it.

Instead you’ll know how to turn that feeling of fear into a feeling of excitement.

You will learn how to transform your fears this year so you can be consistent and profitable in your business.

In fact, JeeJee is going to help you with this one now.

Click here to reserve your spot for her  BRAND NEW training call “7 Steps for Moving Through Fear & Doubt for More Profit, Purposeful Productivity and Peace of Mind!

Remember “Current Me,” you can ask me anytime you want about next steps and I will gladly share.

I know it sounds cliche and you’ve said it year after year that “this year is going to be different,” but my dear this time it’s absolutely true.

This year is going to be very different… if you’re willing.

Your next step my dear… Be on that call with JeeJee.

If you can learn to navigate your fears you will win and learn big time in 2016! Click here to register for this powerful call.

Here’s to a Happy New Year and a Happy New You

Your Future Self…



The harder you try, the harder it gets… What to do when you’re addicted to the struggle


We often get into relationships with the false notion that somehow they’ll make us whole.

And we often get into business with a similar false notion. That they’ll make us free.

And that once we get the clients and the money and the love we can finally be happy.

We think that’s the end game and when we reach it all will be well.

But just as in any relationship we often show up to our businesses with baggage in-tact and we don’t even know it.

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The new glow of love in this exciting adventure often quickly fades and the honeymoon is over just as quickly as it began.

All the things we thought were so wonderful about this person is eroded by our projections, judgments and old stories.

All the things we thought were going to be so wonderful in our business takes on a similar feel.

We bring our old fears, old stories, hurts, wounds and insecurities and we think that if we’ll learn some special marketing techniques or read a few spiritual books we’ll know exactly what to do to turn things around.

And we’re as willing as ever to take action to do what it takes… except when we’re not.

But what happens when NOTHING seems to work?

With as much as you know and as smart and as spiritual and as brilliant and bad-ass as you are…

What do you do?

What do you do when it seems that you just don’t have control?

As much as you think you’re being positive, and having faith… truth is you’re still afraid.

You’re afraid of your own mind.

Not to mention the “others” out there.

You’re afraid of what they think too, even though you pretend you’re not.

You’ve learned that there’s nothing to fear except fear itself.

And now you’re afraid of yourself.

You secretly think that somewhere in the recesses of your mind there’s something from your past lurking there waiting to sabotage you at a moments notice.

You’re a very aware person, but…

You’re still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

No matter how much you believe the old adage that you are whole and wise, somehow you still unconsciously believe there’s something broken within you and if you could just find out what it is and let it go things would be ok, right?

If you could just do some vibrational surgery and rip that sh*t out that’s holding you back all would be right in your world, right?

I mean look at the results you’re getting, something has to be wrong with you, right?

It seems that now not only are you struggling with your business, you’re struggling with yourself.


Have you noticed?

The harder you struggle, the more you have to struggle.

The harder you try to control yourself or your conditions on the outside, the more crazy you go on the inside.

You try to put a band-aid over your fears about money and being visible, pretending to be happy and then taking action in your marketing or then offering that program and then… NOTHING.

All your efforts seem for naught.


One of the most debilitating mental, emotional and physical blocks people experience on a daily basis stems from a belief that they must tolerate their daily suffering.

They must do what they gotta do, cause that’s what the world says is the right way to do things.

But if it’s true that what you resist persists, then your suffering must continue no matter what kinds of action you take.

The struggle IS REAL as long as you keep feeding it.

Meeting resistance with more resistance, will only make it grow stronger inside.

If you try to push your gremlins away (i.e. feed them by resisting them) they WILL multiply.

Suffering always arises when we avoid what is painful (or what we “think” is painful) or become too attached to what is pleasurable.

The real purpose of pain and pleasure is to tell us when we are (and are not) present to this Infinite Source within ourselves.

Fear is the most paralyzing force in the game.

Everything you are afraid to experience whether in a relationship or a business makes you a spectator instead of a participant in your dreams.

The greatest ephiphany of your life will happen the instant you stop and unravel your relentless inner saboteur.

What it comes down to is this…

You have to create a healthy relationship with what you FEAR.

And that means a deep deep dive into the recesses of YOU.

It’s a journey into the parts you haven’t been willing to BE with.

The parts you’ve left unloved.

The parts you don’t consciously accept about yourself.

The parts you resist. 

This is an emotional journey you have to take if you want any of the action you take to make any difference for you.

This won’t be about trying to “control” your fears or trying to ACT calm in the face of your fears because that simply doesn’t work.

Sometimes we have to go into the eye of the storm to really find the peace that passes understanding.

It’s not easy to stop the addiction of struggling and resisting your good but you can do it.

If there are people who can give up their addictions to drugs and alcohol then you can give up your addiction to struggle.

And I’m going to show you how.

This is going to be a transformational journey like no other.

It’s not for the faint of heart however, but if you’re tired of being tired, and you’re up at 3am letting your fears EAT YOU ALIVE (and I mean that literally cause I’ve been there) when you should be resting peacefully than I think the choice will be very clear.

Stay tuned over the next post to see what I’m cooking up just for you.

Talk really really soon,


Unsubscribe Immediately!


Be honest with me…

Are you on the email lists of dozens of coaches,
and other experts in the personal growth industry?

Admit it…

Is your hard drive full of THEIR free downloadable
books, audios, webinars and reports?

Tell me…

Do you pop their emails right open every time
you see another juicy headline?

Do you notice something?

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Do they all seem to advocate a different strategy
or habit that seems to be working for them?

How are all those strategies working for you?

Do you know what you’re doing when you
keep looking around trying to find that next
hit of inspiration or how to do it RIGHT?

Here’s the thing…

Even though those people are wonderful and
those resources are great, and they can be a
good source of inspiration, they are also holding
you back from something critically important.

That something…

Being able to hear the inspiration of your own

You can’t hear your own voice.

You can’t hear your own guidance.

You can’t be you if you can’t really hear YOU.

And it’s not as if you don’t already know
WHAT to do.

You’re brilliant and badass, but…

You and I both know, it’s really noisy and easily
distracting out there.

And if you keep looking out there,
you’ll keep doubting yourSELF, telling yourself
this lie that you’ve just got to have all your
sh*t together (as if they’ve all got all their sh*t
together), and waiting, procrastinating, judging
and second guessing your work in the world.

You hear it all the time in the coaching community.

That clients are whole, resourceful and wise.

But we doubt the hell outta that truth for ourselves.

And thus we end up in the self improvement trap.

Trying to find the magic pill.

That perfect email headline, or that magic social
media plan, or the perfect words to say on our

And we keep tweaking and keep changing things
and keep looking outside and then we wonder
why our health is going to shit and we’ve
got headaches and other ailments we’re chasing
around our bodies.

And for what?

To be liked, loved, acceptable, marketable?

To avoid failure, judgment, criticism… pain?

To not get it WRONG?

To not fuck up?

You can’t do this if you don’t listen to your
own intuition.

Now I’m not saying that sharpening skills
in your craft isn’t essential but when you
keep doing it in fear that you don’t know
enough or you’re not good enough, or not
ready, you just make the road longer and harder.

God/Source/the Universe (whatever you
identify with), doesn’t want or need you to

You must take the time to align with who
you are first and then take action from
that place of WHO YOU ARE… (GOD)DESS.

You are love, not fear. 

Know that you’ve become something
great and it’s time to go with the flow
just as you are now.

You have the most brilliant guidance
on the planet within you.

And I know it sounds all woo-woo.

But you must stop to listen.

I’m so tired of hearing about women
who work out everyday, eat healthy,
are making good money and yet
still succumb to things like cancer
and other dis-eases.

I only share this because I know it
has been true for me.

No I don’t have a disease, but I’ve
had my moments of making myself
sick all in the name of achievement.

It’s not worth it if you can’t enjoy it.

That doesn’t leave us at our best
for our clients or our businesses.

And we need not wait for some dis-ease
to give us permission to stop pushing
and resisting.

And if that means unsubscribing from
most of those email lists immediately…


Even if that means you unsubscribe
from mine, do it.

It’ll sting a little cause I love my tribe,
and I love sharing good stuff sometimes
you need to hear, but if you can’t hear
your own guidance, let me go too.

In service to who you really are,


9 Ways To Create Income With Your Signature System


As entrepreneurs we are a seriously multi-passionate group of people.

And as holistic/woo-woo/heart-centered/spiritual people (whatever works), being multi-passionate is one of our greatest assets and it’s also where we stub our toes.

Read the rest of 9 Ways To Create Income With Your Signature System

We can be passionate about a lot of things when it comes to helping others change their lives and we’re often torn about leaving anything out of our offerings.

Or on the opposite side there’s a feeling that the more “stuff” we offer the more money we’ll make.

If you look at the websites of many coaches you’re likely to see a collage of “stuff:” something downloadable here, 1-on-1 coaching there, some low cost workshops over there, some products over there, maybe an intuitive reading there… all on different topics.

The problem is that your collage of “stuff” is making it hard for your ideal clients to get how you can help them.

And further, it eats away at your credibility.

They’re likely thinking “She’s got a million and one things goin’ on, how good can she really be.”

You’re scattered and they’re scattered trying to piece “What you do” together.

And creating content for all that “stuff” takes up way too much of your precious time.

So how do we solve this issue?

Simple. Apply your many passions and skills to the service of just ONE problem, then create a step-by-step solution to that problem.

That’s what your Juicy Signature System is.

With a system clients immediately get what you do and see how you can help them get what they want.

Have you noticed that when you’re presented with a “step by step system” you’re much more likely to make a purchase?

Of course you are even if you don’t consciously realize that it’s more attractive to you. And that’s because most people need order and flow.

A system makes it much quicker and easier for people to solve their problem, especially when compared to trying to figure out on their own what to do first, second, etc.

It’s like following a recipe for a new meal you’ve been wanting to try.

Following the recipe makes it 10 times easier to get to the end result of a delicious meal.

And after you try it a few times with the recipe, soon you’ll be able to make that recipe your own or add to it in ways that you feel inspired.

By turning your service into a system you’re telling your clients, “I’ve done the work for you, so you don’t have to.”

People love that approach and quickly respond by purchasing your offer.

We aren’t too keen on making mistakes so following a system gives us some measure of stability and reassurance that others have had success following the same steps.

Best of all, once you’ve got your juicy signature system, you now have endless avenues with which to add big paydays to your business without a ton of extra work.

You can launch an offer in a matter of weeks – and sometimes even in 1 day as opposed to taking months to write an ebook to sell.

And it’s all possible because you’ve got your unique branded system already created!

So let’s get your juices flowing with a quick checklist of 9 income streams you can create from just one juicy signature system.

  1. High end-private coaching program. If you’re just starting out in business or you’ve just created your new signature system this is the very first place to start. It’s one of the quickest and simplest income streams to implement.
  2. VIP Days, in person or virtual. A VIP day is an intimate, laser focused, quick way of working where you’ll take your client through your entire system in one day or a couple of days. This is one results oriented way of working clients will love.
  3. Group programs. Once you’ve taken a few clients through your signature system, you can easily transform it into programs to serve groups of your ideal clients at one time.
  4. Teleseminar series. Use an intensive telephone course to walk your clients through your signature system step-by-step. Clients love intensives because it gets good momentum going and who doesn’t love seeing results quickly. Intensives usually run anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Don’t forget to include a Q & A call! People love to feel that they can get their questions answered after they’ve been given a lot to learn and apply.
  5. Preview Teleseminar. Use your juicy signature system to fill your next program! Focus on the questions your clients really want answered – your best content. Remember to focus on what they want, not what you think they need. Meet them where their minds are at. They’ll get what they “need” when they work with you.
  6. Bootcamps. You can create 60 to 90 day bootcamp programs that include some focused support. You might include laser coaching; Q & A calls; homework buddies, mastermind groups, accountability forms, etc.
  7. Certification programs. Teaching and licensing others in your unique signature system is a huge way to create revenue while you sleep. This is a more advanced choice of course. You really have to be good at what you do on this one.
  8. In-person seminars or workshops. There’s nothing like a live in the flesh experience! And you’ll get new clients when you include your offer of how they can work with you further.
  9. Irresistible Free Offer. Create a free offer on your website using your system. You will build your list and inside your free offer will be an invitation to work with you which leads to more revenue for you.

Now that you know how to re-purpose your valuable expertise you’ll want to make sure you actually have a Juicy Signature System clients will pay for!

The Biz Love Doctor is in and I can help you create your system, step-by-step, with  The Business Love Doctor’s Trainings.

Sh*t Life Coaches Say & It’s My Birthday (Hey That Rhymes!)


Hey, hey it’s my birthday! I’m 39 years young today!

Somehow I feel like my 40th is going to be more bad-ass
but I can’t poo on another moment of life!

Who knows what could happen in this day!

Read the rest of Sh*t Life Coaches Say & It’s My Birthday (Hey That Rhymes!)

You can bet there will be some dancin’ though…

There’s so many options for fun, frivolity and EASE,
if I choose…

That sounds like some shit a Life Coach would say…
(if I choose)… hmmm…

This brings me to the hilarious video I’m not sure
how I found.

It had me crackin’ up, especially around the 3:16 mark
(check it out).

I’m mostly laughing because I’ve totally said this shit
(and to all of you either through my posts or coaching
with me).

But as I watched them say it and poke fun at “coaching
language” it just seems sooooo hilarious. 

Even though saying those things creates breakthroughs,
AHA moments, clarity and gets results, I can’t help but
to feel how cliche it is all at the same time.

But hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself or what you do
from time to time, then you’re in the wrong business

I know I’m in the right business and on purpose!


I look forward to how my “coach-ese” will evolve.

Next time this video will be about Shit Coach JeeJee says!

Ok… don’t wait on that… 

Well here’s the video. Enjoy!

These chicks are hilarious!

Shout out to Andrea Owen over at and Amy E. Smith over at

Why Is It Necessary To Sell Bliss? Why Can’t You Give It Away?


I was listening to an interview with well known spiritual leader Osho.

This guy is pretty funny, has the most fantastic quotes and is really an inspiration to many.

In this interview he was asked, “Why is it necessary to sell bliss? Why can’t you give it away?

Read the rest of Why Is It Necessary To Sell Bliss? Why Can’t You Give It Away?

To this he responded:

“Because anything that is just given away is really not taken by anyone. 

The higher the cost the better people will keep it and save it in their treasuries.

Give it free and it has no value because people don’t understand value unless it has a price.

They understand price, they don’t understand value.”

Not satisfied with this answer the interviewer continued: “Why does bliss have to be sold?

Again he responded:

“The higher the price you pay for something, bigger is your estimate about it.

If bliss, ecstacy, etc, were like water and were free, no one would be able to see their value.

You don’t know the real value of water unless you have been thirsty in a desert.”

I concur with this message. 

Often in the coaching world there’s a disconnect around “selling” your gifts… selling your unique brand of transformation… selling the bliss your potential clients so desperately want. 

But I have to be real with you.

Coaching (one of the best methods for transformation on this planet) has to be sold.

It’s a fact you’ll need to embrace if coaching is going to create real livelihood for you. 

Maybe you don’t like the word “selling.”

It often puts you in the mindframe of cold calling, arm twisting, and trying to talk to people who don’t want to be sold. 

You get images in your head of you stumbling all over your words in conversations with potential clients, you worry over saying the right things, you fear they’ll judge you for the prices you want to charge, and the list goes on.

Selling my dear is the lifeblood of your business and there’s no two ways about it.

It’s time to embrace this subject that gets such a bad rap.

And it’s ok. I get it. Selling isn’t something we’re born knowing how to do.

And doing it can make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. I get it.

We are in physical bodies. So the humanness of us experiences discomfort. It is what it is.

But we can change this.

I’m on a mission to help as many transformational coaches as I can embrace a new way of “being” with selling.

You’re a coach because you want to change lives and for you to be held back by the discomfort of the “s” word is truly a disservice to those you’re meant to help.

You must embrace this: Selling is not something you do TO a person, it’s something you do FOR a personGet it, Got it, Good.

I want to give you a gift to help you begin to transform this for yourself and your business right now. 

Click here to get instant details and access to one of my most powerful transformational training’s:

Spiritual Selling Secrets: How to Get Your First or Next Paying Clients without Feeling Pushy, Sales-y or Annoying!

Grab it here.<<<

And remember, the more money you make is an indicator that you’re helping more people change their lives for the BETTER!

I believe in the power of coaching, do you?

Then let’s change the world one transformational transaction (sale) at a time.

You may sell with my blessing, :-)



10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 7-10)

Excuses-JeeJee-SaafirLast time we talked I went through some pretty important excuses that if not checked will most certainly keep you from getting a paid client.

Here they are for review:

#4 I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough (All the not enough excuses!)

#5 With so many coaches out there why would anyone hire me?

#6 Is this audience the right audience for who I am?

If you missed excuses 4-6 you can read the whole article by clicking here.

So here we are at the final four excuses that are keeping you from getting a paid client.

Read the rest of 10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 7-10)

Excuse #7: I don’t feel comfortable charging higher rates

I get it, it can be scary at first to charge higher rates.

You worry that you’ll miss out on business, or lose business, that you may get a lot of objections, that you’ll appear greedy, etc.

You’re also afraid of being judged, afraid that people will think you’re only about the money, and you have the same mental tape running about “who am I,” “and I’m not enough, so how can I justify these fees.”

Well you’re not evil or greedy and I’ll bet your work is worth more than you give it credit for.

But unless you understand the real value of what you do, you’ll stay stuck undercharging and over giving.

Click here to uncover “Why you’re not greedy for charging higher fees and 6 reasons that undercharging hurts your business.”

I can help you uncover the immense value you bring to clients and help you dissolve your fears of charging more.

Click here and let’s chat about how I can help.

Excuse #8: I hate sales.

Truth be told, the #1 reason coaches often hate selling ISN’T because they’re afraid of rejection.

To the contrary.

The #1 reason coaches hate selling is because they don’t want to be seen as pushy, slimy or sales-y.”

We’ve been conditioned to put our guard up whenever salespeople approach us.

We’ve come to believe that most salespeople are untrustworthy, manipulative and all about the almighty dollar.

While it’s true that those type of people do exist, it’s also true that you don’t have to be or feel like one of them.

But let’s be real for a second.

You’re not just a coach, you’re a business owner, and businesses make PROFIT right?

If you can’t sustain yourself you can’t help many people can you?

There’s a saying that goes, “It’s hard to shine your light, when you’re struggling to pay the light bill.”

See the truth is that this is about transformation, not trying to sell someone something.

Selling is not something you do TO a person it’s something you do FOR them!

The only reason you should actually care that someone buys from you or hires you is because you know it will help them.

If you don’t offer your services, no one gets the transformation their seeking.

Not your potential client and not you.

You want to do what you love and be profitable right? Right.

Selling is a skill you will want to feel confident about.

Need help upleveling your sales skills? Click here to chat about how I can help you.

Excuse #9 What if they ask for their money back?

In general when you provide private coaching services it’s a non-refundable agreement.

I’ve often offered a 30 day happiness guarantee if it’s a short term intensive program, or if it’s a VIP Day, they have til’ the next half of our session begins to let me know they aren’t satisfied and get their investment back. Never ever happened. Ever…

But with private coaching there generally is no refund. My time, energy and expertise is non-refundable so money is non-refundable.

You’ll want to make sure you state this clearly in your terms and conditions.

You should have a general coaching agreement that they sign before you begin your work together.

You’ll want to state clearly what happens if either of you wish to cancel the agreement early.

If they are seriously not happy working with you, they are under no obligation to continue and you’re under no obligation to refund their money.

Don’t sit around worrying about people asking for refunds.

Set your intention before every session with a client that they will find value in your work together and the perfect words will fall from your mouth, your heart and your mind.

All will be well.

Now onto the head honcho of all excuses and probably the most common monkey mind thought that will keep a paying client away like magic…

Drum roll please…

Excuse #10 “It’s Hard to Get Clients”

If thoughts become things, what thing to you think you’re creating with this thought?

No damn clients much?

If you’ve constantly got that tape playing in your mind that says “it’s hard to get clients,” or “moving someone from a free session into becoming a paid client is hard,” or “who’s gonna pay me for this in this economy,” guess what you’re gonna get?

Plenty of evidence that it IS hard and that no one will pay for your services in this economy.

Your mind is like a seeing eye dog, it is trained to look for whatever you’re focused on.

You’re totally asking yourself the wrong questions and thinking the wrong thoughts when it comes to your business.

All thoughts have a frequency and these kind go out and attract back to you in kind.

You can’t beat the Law of Attraction, it’s constant. It works 24/7 period.

Your business and all other aspects of your life are a perfect reflection of the internal stories you tell yourself on a daily basis, whether you realize you are telling them or not.

You’ll have to look at your fears here. The same one’s we looked at in excuse #4.

Thoughts like “it’s hard to get clients,” have self-judging thoughts attached to them.

Thoughts like “What if I fail?” “What if I don’t get enough clients?” “What if I’m rejected?” and the list goes on.

What do you think you’re going to attract with that negative internal chatter?

I’ll wait…

Now you don’t need to beat up on yourself about this.

Awareness is your greatest gift.

When we realize what we’re doing then we can start to reprogram, rewire, repattern, release and realign.

And you’re not alone. I can help you.

Click here to chat.

Now you can see why so many great coaches struggle to get clients.

It’s because of all the wonderful excuses that fill their head.

Which one’s will you let go of today?

Share with me in the comments below.

10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 4-6)

Excuses-No-Paying-ClientsWelcome back! Last time we talked I walked you through 3 sneaky sabotaging excuses that are keeping you from getting a paid client.

They were:

#1 People can do this on their own…

#2 Can I really get them the results I promise?

#3 My audience doesn’t have any money…

If you missed Excuses 1-3 you can read the whole article by clicking here.

Let’s jump right back in and talk about 3 more really great excuses (and by really great, I mean you’re monkey mind is great at helping you use them) keeping you from getting a paying client.

Read the rest of 10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You from Getting A Paid Client (Excuses 4-6)

Excuse #4 I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough (All the “not enough” excuses!)

If you’ve been in the planning stages FOREVER, you might want to look at your unconscious motives.

If you’ve been stuck in the planning phase of your business for a while now, I think you know that at some point you’re going to have to take action to get things moving.

There’s only so much reading, researching, studying and planning you can do. 

Don’t be afraid when I talk about action.

Most of it will be inner action, but you know there’s some practical outer actions you have to take too.

Inspired action is what you’re reaching for.

You just can’t keep “being busy.”

Busy does not necessarily equal clients.

At some point you’ve just gotta get behind the wheel and learn to drive by… driving!

There’s something more important than thinking you need to learn one more thing and that’s… IMPLEMENTATION.

Granted you’ll still want to learn new things along the way, but you can’t keep waiting before you start.

So if you find yourself taking another class or reading another book or searching for the golden ring online, I would suggest that you look at your motives.

What are you afraid of?

Here’s a snippet of some deep questions from an exercise I UBER love by Hans Phillips.

I would suggest you ask yourself.

These aren’t pretty questions but it will make you more aware of what survival mechanisms you’re using that are holding you back.

Here they are…

  1. What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you? (e.g., “I’m weird, unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, lazy and stupid)


  1. If people found out that you were any or all of the above, what do you think would happen to you? (e.g., “I’d be abandoned, rejected, humiliated, thrown out.”)


  1. What do you do so that people don’t find out or decide that you are (fill in the blank with answers from question 1)______,________, _________, __________? These “doings” may include thinking, feeling or physical responses, for instance, “I get sick, I feel guilty that I’m not good enough, I think about ways to better myself.” This also includes things that are generally considered actions. I laugh a lot, I procrastinate, I look busy, I ride my bike and do other physical activity, I meditate.

 And here’s where you give those vulnerable answers:

  1. What I do so that people don’t find out or decide this about me is I… 

These are all the ways you cover up your fears. These are your survival mechanisms. It’s time to have the courage to embrace your fears.

It’s time to thrive not just survive.

The topic of “Fear” has become one of my favorite subjects and I’ve come with arms outstretched to help you through.

Click here to chat with me.

Excuse #5 With so many coaches out there why would anyone hire me?

I get it. It seems like everywhere you look everybody and their momma is a coach, especially if you scour the internet.

You’ll see that coaching peeps abound.

It’s true, coaching is a booming industry, but the question is why?

Do you think it’s simply for the money?

Well money is one important piece.

But where you find coaches you’ll often find people who are seeking freedom.

Who want to live life on their own terms.

You’ll truly find people who want to make a difference in the world.

You’ll find people with wonderful gifts who feel they’ve just got to share.

You’ll find a deep desire to help people transform their lives.

Granted you’ll find some jackholes in any industry but those people are few and far between and you need not concern yourself with them.

Do you know how many lawyers, doctors, teachers, and other professions exist on this planet.

I don’t hear anyone worrying that any of those industries are saturated?

Why? Because for some “odd” reason people feel we need them…

Well it looks like the world is saying yes to coaches too. We need you!

Statistically those other professions still exceed the number of coaches there currently are anyway.

So you need not worry, the coaching profession isn’t going anywhere.

When you’re a new coach however, I can understand your concern about this.

You look around and see all the top coaches partnering with each other, sharing each others work with the masses and you think “Why in the hell would anyone listen to me or open my emails when they’ve got all these superstars in their inbox everyday?

It can feel like they’ve got the coaching game sewed up, but I promise you they don’t.

You don’t have to wait til’ the superstars die off or wait til’ you think you’ve got all your shit together to help people.

If you need to get past that, I’ve written a great article to help you called “5 Ways You Help Clients Even When You Think “I’m Not Perfect Yet”.

Show me someone who’s got all their shit together every moment of every day and I’ll show you a person who’s not really livin!’

But besides all this we have to take into consideration how the world is changing.

People are more open and aware than ever and we have to give some credit to the coaching industry for ushering in this new age of self-awareness and consciousness.

People want to feel on purpose in their lives.

They are more aware than ever that they’ve been getting in their own way, and if they could just find someone to help them get past these fears and back into aligned action, oh how their life would change.

You my dear are unique. You’re not exactly like anyone else and you never need to pretend you are.

Not to make yourself more marketable, more likeable, more loveable, more worthy, more nothing.

It’s just a matter of you accepting and sharing your own personal story with your audience/tribe/peeps.

And besides if you have the desire within you to coach and facilitate transformation then the Universe has the path to bring to you everything you need to do that… and that means clients just for YOU!!!

Clients who are a match for you.

Which brings me to good ol’ Excuse #6… “Is this audience the right audience for who I am?

Just because there are an abundance of people who may need your help, that doesn’t mean they’re all YOUR ideal clients.

They most certainly ALL are NOT!

Imagine for a moment that your coaching practice was full of clients, but they were all the “wrong” clients.

And by wrong I mean, they were demanding, expected you to do all the work, super needy, no sense of humor, didn’t respect your time, didn’t do the work, etc.

You know the ones.

What if you’re coaching biz was full of headache, pain in the ass clients?

They’d drain your energy.

You’d end up resenting them.

You’d end up resenting your work.

You’d end up resenting yourself.

It would suck the life and passion out of you quickly.

You’re job… To get as clear as you can from where you currently are as to who you’d LOVE to work with.

You DO get to choose, you know.

You want people who are a match to who you are.

You want people who fuel your passion for what you do.

You want those who inspire you to do your best work.

You want those help you transform through helping them.

You want those who crack you the hell up. :-)

There are things to put in place so that you know before-hand whether someone might be a fit for you or not.

Need help figuring out who your Soul Clients are? Click here.

Wanna skip the do-it-yourself method and get yourself a coach ‘cause you get the priceless value of coaching for yourself?

Let me help you.

Click here to apply for a private 1-on-1 30 minute “Income Breakthrough Strategy Session!” at no cost to you and let’s put you on the path to no more excuses, just paying clients!